Congratulations Jami-lee and Lucy

Jami-lee Ross and his wife Lucy have had a little boy this morning.

Henry Schwaner Ross was born at 9.24am this morning. 8lb 5oz and healthy. Lucy doing very well.



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  • thor42

    Congrats from me too, but jeez…. I’m not sold on the names.
    Henry – a bit Victorian, really, but I guess it was good enough for Henry Ford.
    But Schwaner?!? With all due respect, that’s a weird one.
    The poor guy will get heaps at school with a middle name like that. 

    • TravisPoulson

      How about Cletus Scody Ross?

    • Wilma

      It’s his wife’s surname, I think, followed by his surname … makes sense to me.

    • It is Lucy’s surname.

  • jay cee


  • Bunswalla

    Kids seldom get grief for their middle name, which hardly ever gets an airing at school or sports. And with a name like Henry Ross, teachers and coaches will love him as he’ll have one of the few names they can both pronounce and spell.

    Congratulations to the proud parents.