Correcting the Educated Uneducated

New Straits Times

While we worry about precious little dears and their class sizes in New Zealand, over in Malaysia they are more concerned about beating some sense into the thickies:

Finally, it needs to be stressed that schools, mainly  primary schools, are the place to inculcate good values in children as that is the best time to do so.

The cane was used in schools for a long time, not on everyone, but on the few who had no respect for school rules.

Teachers did it out of love for the children, for they wanted the children to grow up to be well-behaved people, regardless whether they got 10As or 10Fs.

Character development was a core responsibility of  schools of the past.

This required principals and teachers to be skilled in  child character development, but none seems to have this skill these days, and the lack of political will to arrest the problem of problematic children  in the schools does not help.

That  schools have abdicated the responsibility of character training is the mother of all tragedies in the area of the development of a nation of educated persons.

A light cane in the hands of a properly-trained person is indispensable in correcting  child misbehaviour during the critical formative years.

The education reform that the government is embarking on is meaningless if the core area of a child’s education  is not addressed in a way that  produces positive results.

Moral Education, an examination subject, has been a big slap in the face of those who introduced it to produce  a society with good moral values.

Like Dr  Spock, we should have the guts to admit that a grave wrong has been done with the demonising of spanking as a vital medicine to correct   child misbehaviour when other methods fail.

What is needed is to train parents and teachers on the proper use of this tool, not the banning of it.

The culprit in child abuse cases is the wielder of the cane,  and not the light cane.

By the way, even bare hands can be used to abuse children.

The  abuser is the one that needs counselling or psychiatric treatment.

Do we have the political will to make our schools the character- training grounds  they were half a decade ago?

No political party has come up with  proposals on this issue. Is it not of national importance?


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  • Whafe

    I deserved every cane I got at school, and I got a fair few….. And am not all scarred and F’d up because of it….. Everyone knew too when having a shower after PE with welts on ones ass…

  • “Finally, it needs to be stressed that schools, mainly  primary schools,
    are the place to inculcate good values in children as that is the best
    time to do so.”

    I have to completely disagree with this.

    Parents are responsible for “inculcating” moral values.

    Schools can of course, if they are private, reinforce those values. But government schools are too ripe for perversion by political ideologues who will, if the opportunity exists, teach children values that are alien to their parents.

    NZ children have, by means of the left controlled public school system, been taught moral relativity by the left. Hitler too taught his own brand of morality through the schools. Nth Korean school children think their leader is a god. Right now in NZ children are being force fed a destructive “environmental” morality.


    Schools should educate- reading writing arithmetic.

    Values are a parental duty.

    • What’s different about private schools that make you think only the public schools are “…too ripe for perversion by political ideologues….” They provide the exact same indoctrination though from a different slant.

    • Guest

      Values have always been a part of public education. And given the values promoted in schools are all positive I am not sure how people could object to them. 

      Unless they are on some silly politically driven nutty rant. 

      • Patrick

        Like Political Correctness
        Like Climate Change
        Like children have more rights than their parents
        Like winning isn’t everything
        Like left wing commie socialist claptrap
        Like not taking personal responsibility
        Like you don’t need a job just go on the dole

  • ConwayCaptain

    The punishment at Conway was a ropes end across the arse.  Didnt want too many of those.

  • Paul Smith

    Schools have become too soft over the past few decades where children have had a continued lessening respect for authority. Parents will teach morals and values yes, but schools also teach respect for authority. The Western world is becoming more of a ‘hippy culture’ being dictated to by Green Parties (especially NZ) who promote ideal living, but are actually want popular social standing rather than really caring for political future. They arent leaders, they cannot make a decision amongst themselves. 

    It is these parties and their supporters who are the first to complain about crime, but at the same time do not wish to enforce the hard line with children growing up. Its human nature, its animal nature – respect your elders, respect those in charge, and if you dont you get a clip round the ear.

    So yes, bring back the cane, bring back capital punishment. If you do nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to fear. Its worked for mankind for centuries, only now are we seeing a descent into higher crime rates and lack of respect for authority.

    • Riskit

       “bring back capital punishment. If you do nothing wrong, you’ve nothing to fear.” You might have a bit of trouble convincing Lindy Chamberlain of that.  

    • It’s not the schools becoming soft – it is the interference of stupid do gooders interferring, from the simple “my johnny wouldn’t do that” to worse.

  • BD

    My first year at boarding school in 88 I got close to 300 canings from anything from a messy locker, talking in study to coming back to school grounds late. You always knew that the two or three strokes being delivered by the dorm master were always the same, they hurt for a hours and bruised for a couple of days. He never showed any emotion during the punishment but he was never violent about the whole thing. He carries a lot of respect from a vast amount of students he looked after and a huge amount of them credit their work discipline and moral values installed by him. He could not tell you the amount of 21st, 30ths, engagements, weddings, babtisms and 40ths of his formers charges he has attended.

    • chefg

      totally agree BD. Had the same at school and the values have taught me that you reap what you sow

    • So you’re suggesting to me that bullying is a good thing? At our school one of the teachers was suspended and then sacked as two girls reported he got a hard-on while he caned them – it was proved the case.

      •  Hope you get another job soon. Just not at a school.

      • BD

        Bullying is intimidation through pyschological and phyiscal abuse for no apparant reason to the victim. I broke rules and knew the consequences of my actions so I got what I deserved. If it was bullying I could have left and moved to another school. Was my choice to get my education some 500kms from my hometown.  Am 100% confident that it was not bullying just being punished for what I did wrong, vast difference. I personally have never agreed with girls being subjected to corporal punishment. 

      • Agent BallSack

        How did they prove such a thing? “Here you cane these girls while I cup your balls”?

      • I’m talking the 1960’s and I was fourteen at the time – not grown up enough then to know how they proved it…..and didn’t see it happen to know how the girls knew.

  • Slijmbal

    Parents and an overly PC approach took away the power from teachers many years ago.  In this I do not blame the teachers.  I have encountered enough teachers who changed career precisely because they were not allowed to police and discipline the class room to feel confident in this opinion.

    There was the odd sadistic teacher who operated by fear rather than by respect but in hindsight this taught me about real life as there are plenty of bullies out there in the workplace (and academia).

    • Tamati

      My highschool teachers were all Returned WW2  Servicemen and the school was run pretty much on military style discipline.  These old warriors were replaced with a new breed of teacher who had done their “service” in the protest movement – (anti Vietnam War etc) and started to teach civil rights to their students over civil responsibilities..These kids were feed their anti authority ideologies, mainly towards the Police and this was the start of the decline in my opinion.  Teachers are now reaping what they had sown, with undisciplined, disrespectful students.
      How many of my generation would have even thought of swearing at a teacher, let alone throw a puch at one?

  • George

    I have a Polish American mate who went to a Chicago catholic boy’s school.  He told me of a food fight riot that broke out there one day between the Poles and the Irish boys with the italians joining in to be sociable.  One of the religious brothers was a WW2 marine who had served on Tarawa and Iwo Jima [a lot of bad dreams] He knocked the hard core ringleaders out to restore order.  I said was there repercusions over that?  Hell yes, when their parents found out how they’ed got the black eyes they gave them another hiding at home.

    Nice place Chicago.