Crushed! Ctd

Here is Daniel Briant’s car, from his Facebook page before he got his third strike:

And this is it now:

And the poor little tool is having a big boo hoo to his mates on Facebook:

The first car to be crushed under boy racer laws has been given a Facebook memorial.

The car was flattened this morning in Lower Hutt when police minister Anne Tolley used a remote control to trigger the Aljon Impact Five car crushing machine at Macaulay Metals.

The law it was crushed under – the Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill in 2008 – was passed by National last term and earned Cabinet minister Judith Collins the sobriquet “Crusher Collins”.

Tolley told Parliament’s law and order select committee yesterday the car belonged to a “silly young man” who had been convicted of driving offences four times.

It was understood the driver of the vehicle was Paraparaumu Beach digger operator Daniel Ronald Briant, 19.

Briant created the memorial page after yesterday expressing his fears for the “Laurel”.

He posted a cover photo of the car in full burnout mode on Facebook. “Long live the Laurel,” responded one friend.

It took 49 seconds and 150 tonnes of pressure to crush the car.

Walking over to the foot-high lump of metal today, Tolley said it was “pretty effective”.

“It’s pretty graphic sort of consequences. If you’re a car lover that’s pretty devastating.

“It would be devastating for me if it was my car, but I don’t hoon around neighbourhoods doing wheelies.”

The Minister then stood defiantly atop the wreckage, posing for media photos.


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  • razorlips81

    Now we have some little woosy arsed professor criminologist from Canterbury Uni spouting his bloody nonsense. Well done to the government and the ministers for addressing this problem! What would the criminologist rather see; more lives crushed? He sounds like another pathetic limp wristed leftie to me!

    • Mediaan

      He doesn’t count. It’s only that gutter product, former heroin dealer Greg Newbold, who (no doubt because he was a catholic but they couldn’t use the usual catholic ways of getting him off the charge) went to prison, but with featherbed treatment. Free degree, free higher degree, all on us, then out of prison and into a nice university job teaching sociology. He is a loathsome little ant who chose as a young man to make money by getting kids addicted to heroin.

  • BD

    What happened to the alloy wheels? I would assume that these were also crushed somewhere else?

    • Mully

      That’s what I was wondering. Hope he didn’t get to keep them.

    • Gazzaw

      The wheels would be removed and sold. Daniel could no doubt locate them and buy them for old times sake if he wanted to.

      Someone was talking on the radio this morning & said the crushing wouldn’t worry Daniel as the car would only have been worth a grand. Don’t think so.

      • Hope he had a big-dollar stereo system then. I wonder if he’ll be home when the HP guys come a-calling looking to recover the value of the asset which THEY held the papers of.

      • Chris

        He could buy them back but have the price of $500.00 each. See if he still keen.

    • He was moaning that they were taken with the car. From the images fo the images of the crushing and other information available I believe that anything of value was stripped and sold to defray expenses.

      • BD

        Excellent, the process even partially pays for itself.

        • Ronnie Chow

          The car was worth far more as individual parts . This crushing was purely symbolic . Now can we crush the nuts of pedophiles ? .

    • “Cars to be crushed are purchased from the Government by the wrecking company and stripped prior to crushing. The company can then recoup its costs by selling salvageable parts.”

  • Callum

    Most of the metal recycling operations I have seen remove wheels, pull engine and subframes and then crush the body. This one looks to have been done a bit more delicately (for the photo op), usually done with a 10-20 tonne digger. Tends to go –
    – squash roof
    – roll over
    – remove wheels
    – rip out engine/subframes
    – throw the rest in the crusher

    • Le Sphincter

      The crushing is so that they can transported easily as a ‘flat pack’

      Then they go to the shredder as the final destination so that the valuable scrap metal is separated from the rest of plastics etc.
      In this one the engine seems to have been pulled allready

  • baw

    Will they put the next car to be crushed on Youtube?

    Got to get the message out there.

  • Bigmuz

    Just checked out his facebook page, Another winner who leaves his profile public and then has ‘liked’ drug related stuff. Must do his employment prospects a world of good

    • Just noted that the comment on his FB page ends in FTP – Fuck the Police. Today, he found out what it was like to be the fuckee, rather than the fuckor!

      • Le Sphincter

        FTP , doesnt that mean ‘Fielding is the Place’

        • Dr Wang

 opposed to batting? (or did you mean “Feilding”..)

  • fozzie

    A sick day when you watch a Minister of the Crown dancing in her stiletto boots on the top of some silly kids car …

    • TravisPoulson

      Good job I say, now back to bed and cuddle your pillow fozzie, you’ll get over it eventually.

      • Mediaan

        The issue he was raising was dignity. It is a valid discussion point. Save your venom for the crims.

        • TravisPoulson

          He’s a constant whingeing pinko, I’m quite happy directing my “venom” at him, thanks. After all, it’s only a car being crushed, not a human. Dignity doesn’t come into it.

          No point being precious and crying over spilt milk, life is tough.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Agree . You just know she was helped up and helped off . Imagine if the next photo-op was standing outside a prison when the felons are being delivered . Just plain stupid .

      • toby_toby

        If you bothered to watch any of the videos on the topic, you’d see that she got onto the car by herself without any help. How patronising of you to suggest she couldn’t step onto a 1 foot high piece of metal.

        • Ronnie Chow

          I agree and I apologize .

        • fozzie

          Nothing to be said about the lack of H&S – if she had slipped in her
          stilettos and broken her leg hope her buddy ‘Crusher Collins’ would
          make sure her time on ACC was limited – or maybe it was a pre existing
          condition … “stupidity in pursuit a publicity stunt” !

          • Chris

            But she didn’t. No harm done.

    • pukakidon

      Fozzie not known for cuddling his pillow. He is a well known pillow biter.

      • fozzie

        and that is supposed to scare me puka ?

      • Guest

        Using homosexual slurs to attack people huh. That says a lot about you pukakidon. Do you have negative issues with homosexuals?

    • kehua

      Message is don`t mess with the “Tolleynator“ ask the Teachers union hahaha.

      • Guest

        Ummm the teachers union kicked her arse and was one of the reasons she was demoted.
        I would think that would create the message “Come and get me, I am usless”.

        • Mediaan

          You deluded twot. Being kicked in the arse by a Teachers’ Union is a virtue, in fact I reckon there should be a section for them with awards in every NZ Honours List. KITABATU. The country would honour them and bow when they passed, people hate the Teachers’ Unions so much.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Good job, well done.
    The personalized plate was probably worth more than the car. The stereo was probably gone when it was seized to.
    The news said he had his non existent license suspended for another 21 months and has since been caught again for a forth strike. How does driving whilst disqualified, and a raft of other related offenses only count as one strike.
    Maybe the law needs some more thought like another strike offence within say 3 years of the last third strike is an automatic impounding of the car, before it can be stripped of any value, for crushing and so on and so forth until he actually learns his lesson. It may take 3 or 4 cars. It should also apply if he is driving a relative’s car with or without permission.

    • WayneO

      4 strikes and you are removed from the gene pool, hopefully reducing the likelihood of breeding future mini mouth-breathers like this example?

      Everyone knows what happens when you photocopy a photocopy.

  • Ledzpln

    Seems to be something missing from the crushed car. Ah yes, the driver. Now that would be a disincentive.