Judith Collins has delivered another law, shame she couldn’t be there to witness it.

Doesn’t “Terminator” Anne Tolley just look very pleased.


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  • kevin

    I just hope they get to crush some half decent car not an old shitter…

    • Dumrse

      Lets start crushing after two strikes

  • toby_toby


  • Le Sphincter

    one car in 3 years !

    That will teach them.
    25000 potential boy racers must be quaking in their skater boots wondering which ONE will it be over the NEXT YEAR

    These guys change their cars more often than their underpants.

    But then again, giving them 15min of fame will lead to changed behaviour.

    And Tolley cutting the number of police cars will less enforcement

    • Joes

      Can you not read? 100+ people on their second strike and infringements are way down.
      What would you be saying if 1000 cars were crushed? That the law didn’t work?
      No matter how many cars were crushed, you would be bitching.

    • CJA

      You’re lucky there’s no strikes rule here. You would have been crushed quite some time ago.

    • Jester

      Well done our lil’ Left Wing Mud Muscle, you appear to have missed the point by a country mile….Again!

      :Tending to deter:
      See: discouragement, obstacle, curb, restraint, impediment, check, hindrance, disincentive,

      • Le Sphincter


        The policy of making only a perfunctory effort or symbolic gesture toward the accomplishment of a goal

        mud- muscle ? Everyone has one

        • johnbronkhorst

          Yes we do all have one, but unlike you, ours isn’t positioned so close to our mouths and we don’t think with it!!!!

      • Guest

        Well it is not really working. But then it was thought of by Colins. So no surprise it is a bit of a dud.

    • toby_toby

      Yes, these guys will be shaking in their boots because they don’t want their cars crushed. That’s why only 1 has been crushed so far, because the little bastards have realised they’ll have to behave.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Does your mum know you’re wagging school?

    • johnbronkhorst

      IDIOT…looks like they already are shaking in their boots. The number of Boy racers has dropped dramatically, right a cross the country. So the law is working, another pragmatic SOLUTION to a problem , by national that labour and idiots like you will NEVER understand!!!

    • Ford

      i remember a couple cops getting reprimanded for doing donuts in a grassed park area a few years ago..maybe they should crush that too with those cunts still in it

    • Pukakidon

      Idiot – says it all really

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    That’s the best after-market modification I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Top Bloke

    Arguably they really should be crushing the cars of repeat drink drivers.

  • Doug

    Well done Terminator Tolley.

  • tarkwin

    Pity the driver wasn’t in it.

    • Ford

      like your son or daughter ay

      • tarkwin

        I’ve been lucky on that one, don’t think either have had a speeding ticket. Wish I could say the same for myself.

  • Ford

    wont she be orgasmic destroying some guys pride and joy

  • glenn

    Here’s the loser’s page :

  • Neil

    Who took all the cool bits off and left only the shell to be crushed? Not Anne surely….

    • Callum

      Probably done more delicately than normal (so it still looked ok in the photos) but engine, wheels, suspension etc is usually separated due to having higher value metals (alloy etc) or higher metal content. A tonne of car bodies crushed with interior in is worth less than a tonnes of engine blocks due to more impurities to remove when melted down so you separate what you can at minimal extra cost.

  • racecar

    A massive drop in street racing??? How stupid is Colins? Is she not aware that the racing has simply moved else where. The racing has not stopped, just shifted location.
    Silly woman.