Crusher doesn’t sell out on ACC

While the Greens and Labour want to sell out ACC and raid the $16 billion in accumulated funds for their own pet projects, Judith Collins remains firm:

ACC Minister Judith Collins has finally rejected a return to “pay-as-you-go” funding for the state-owned insurer, after earlier refusing to rule it out as part of a review of funding options.

“Pay as you go is not for us, no,” she said today.

Labour spokesman Andrew Little has called for a debate about dumping the current fully funded model, which would allow levies to drop by up to 25 per cent.

The Greens’ Kevin Hague favoured a switch to pay-as-you-go, but was also eyeing up to $15 billion in reserves held by the corporation for other projects.

Collins said the Government did not want to burden future generations with the cost of current accidents.


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  • nasska

    Think of all the votes the socialists could buy with $15 billion of our own money.

  • Mediaan

    Well spoken, Judith Collins.

  • Neil

    No bloody way – no touchie the money for anything other than funding rehab and recovery for suffering clients. Keep you hands off it and out of the Cons Fund.

  • pikakidon

    You are kidding this will be the Liarbour bribe money for the next election. It is being eyed up for squandering by both the Watermelons, Mana and Liarbour.