Did money buy Wisconsin’s result?

Mischiefs of Action

The left wing is whinging that Scott Walker raised and spent much more than their guy and as a result he bought the election. This of course ignores the money spent on behalf of the Democrat candidate by the big monied unions.

So did big money buy Wisconsin’s election…the short answer is no.

What this election gave us is a rare and precious thing: a gubernatorial rematch. Walker and Barrett faced each other less than two years ago. Walker beat Barrett by five points back then, after raising $11 million to Barrett’s $6 million. That is, Walker raised 65% of the funds raised by the Republican and Democratic candidates that year and he won 53% of the two-party vote. This week, Walker raised about 88% of the funds raised by the two candidates and he won — wait for it — 54% of the two-party vote.

So there’s your money effect, folks. Go from a 2:1 money advantage to a 7:1 money advantage, and it could increase your vote share by a full percentage point! Woo hoo!


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  • Le Sphincter

    If money has no effect , then why do they raise it and spend it.
    Your election results only confirm what any marketeer knows, a hell of a lot of advertising can prevent loss of market share that you all ready have. Even to a superior product

  • Ed Snack

    Well, when you count the money and effort from the Unions, who were the primary drivers of this recall scenario, then the spending is not very one sided at all. So the superior product won, despite the violence and coercion that was attempted by the unions. Has to be an Epic fail.

    • jay cee

      and until they were outed who were the exclusive brethren backing again?

    • Le Sphincter

      The unions campaigned on a issue that was important to them. 

      No different to the mining companies in Australia who were against the resource rent mining taxes

      Its called democracy. Walker wont like his narrow win . As of course he has to face election again next year. Will he stand again or will he jump in a swing sate like Wisconsin which will probably go narrowly for Obama