Face of the Day

The nickname for Kevin Taylor, Captain Panic Pants is gone forever after yesterday’s Live Chat with John Key.

John Key described his efforts like this when asked a question:

So, dear readers do we find a nice pixie name for Kevin Taylor or do we just call him Pixie Kev, or Captain Pixie Pants?

The Pixie Name Generator suggests “Leaf Lover”


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  • Haha; that’s gold! I liked his answer too about which Labour MP he’d have in his Cabinet. He chose Shane Jones – as Minister of Broadcasting!

  • whalewatcher

    little pixies … aahhh .. that sounds so cute.
    And one that looks like Kevin Rudd, too!

  • Whafe

    The fact that John Key is personable puts him miles ahead of any senior Labour MP… If only they would learn that…

    Just follow the tweets of senior Labour MP’s and you can near taste the poison and angry tones etc etc…

  • Michaels

    Never knew he had Pixies but I did know he had a Barbie.

  • wuff

    Never mind the pixie, why is he wearing a GREEN tie?  Would he do a deal with 

    • He’s trying to wind you up – seems to have worked…

  • AngryTory

    I thought that looked like Russell Norman all dressed up – typing in the Budget for the next Key/Green government