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Tuni Parata can take her bible to work.

SkyCity worker Tuni Parata has won the right to keep her Bible with her at work following a meeting with her bosses today.

Ms Parata met SkyCity managers this afternoon about her alleged misconduct for carrying the Bible during shifts as a host at the casino – a habit she feared could cost her her job.

It was determined at today’s meeting that carrying a pocket Bible was not a disciplinary matter and Ms Parata was allowed to carry the book with her at work as long as it was not visible and she could use it during her breaks.


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  • Macca

    I reckon this was yet another media/union (both left), attack on Sky once again trying to paint them out to be the big ogre! If the rule is no phones, personal items etc – then thats the bloody rule – what part of no don’t you understand?
    I was listening to ZB yesterday afternoon and the commentator (not Watson), was saying that the bible she was televised with was NOT the same size as the one she was caught with! Can someone confirm this as it certainly wasn’t mentioned on One rubbish last night nor in that pathetic staged interview on Monday.
    I personally think this is all designed to try and derail the Cassino bid – but then I have been called a cynic in the past!

    • Gazzaw

      Absolutely agree Macca. Would this have been an issue if it wasn’t Sky City? Unite leaked it and the churnalists saw the opportunity for yet more sensationalism. I wonder how many churnalists will have the gall to turn up at Sky City’s annual media piss-up this year. All of them of course, the fucken bludgers.

      • Le Sphincter

        This would be a story no matter the employer. Get real

        • Morgy


  • Ronnie Chow

    Pure public relations spin . Workers cannot carry items that can be modified to conceal gaming chips , a rule in every casino in the world . Got to get those extra pokies at all costs , including breaking their own rules to appease the Christian opinion-makers .

  • Alloytoo

    The book on telly wasn’t a bible.
    One wonders if this would have attracted national coverage if she was caught with reader’s digest.

    • Random66

      It was the New Testament – well worn and well used.

      • Alloytoo

        but not a complete “Bible”.
        And who cares as to it’s state of wear.

        • Le Sphincter

          Are you demented?. Since when did a bible only comprise old and new testaments together

          • Alloytoo

            Since about the late fourth century.

          • Le Sphincter

            Did your head get stuck while you were back there

          • Alloytoo

            Sorry, did reality interject again? You must hate that.

        • Ford

          who really cars it was a bible

          • Alloytoo

            Too many people apparently. I’ll wager any other book would have been ignored by the media.

  • CJA

    This is news? Seriously?

  • Morgy

    This should never have been a story. Does she know that she was simply a pawn for the union to make a noise or was she complicit in the bullshit? She didn’t look like she was….I felt sorry for her for being taken for a ride by Treen.

  • Mike Hunt

    she had had two previous warnings for breaking the uniform code as defined in her employment contract

    regardless of the media/union storm, she is a fucking mouth breather

  • Joe_Bloggs

    This little set-up was a master-stroke of under-handed manipulation by Mike Treen.

    Step 1: lie to the media – Sky City worker threatened with the sack for carrying a bible while concealing the fact she’s received previous warnings

    Step 2: parade a weeping woman in front of the cameras, again concealing the fact that she’s previously been warned, and that the issue was never a sackable offence

    Step 3: ignore the fact that the repeat offender hasn’t bothered to apply for dispensation to carry personal effects (which she’s able to do under Sky City staff policies).

    Step 4: when Sky City points out this was not a sackable offence but a minor disciplinary issue, claim victory against the oppressive capitalist running dogs, pass Go and collect another $200 from the Unite Union workers.

    I remember Treen when he was a rabid Young Socialist at University – in those days he was poured from the “religion is the opiate of the masses” school of Marxism. How ironic to hear him defending the word of God now

    • Le Sphincter

      Writing Sky City press releases now are we. If this dispensation was truely available it would obviously have been offered long ago. Maybe it was added within the last few days..
      As for not a sackable offence, what part of ‘final written warning’ dont you understand?. It would lead to the NEXT warning becoming a dismissal process.

      Treen is not defending the word of god, merely a union members right to believe..

      • Joe Bloggs

        Your comments provide more evidence that Treen is a master of under-handed manipulation.

        A breach of uniform policies such as this is not considered “serious misconduct” and would not be expected to result in the dismissal of any staff member – not raised by Treen

        Parata has been reprimanded twice previously for this – not raised by Treen

        Sky City staff policies permit staff to apply for dispensations to specific policies – Parata never did this despite being pulled up twice previously for the same issue.

        Sky City was not discriminating against Ms Parata, but simply asking her to follow rules that apply to all staff. And Parata had no right (God-given or otherwise) to deliberately ignore her employer’s instructions. She signed a contract to work at Sky City and she should play by those rules.

        No – I do not write releases for Sky City, nor am I affiliated with them in any other way. I just dislike arseholes like you and Mike Treen who manipulate the truth and sensationalise issues for your own benefit.

        • Le Sphincter

          Really , you have their employment policies at your fingertips?
          And ignore their instructions ?- thats the whole point they were so absurd so as to petty beyond belief.

          They are employees not slaves.

          But if you want to talk about breaking rules- what about Sky Citys long list of infractions and the gamblers who are allowed to gamble despite being problem gamblers or worse stealing their employers money .

          Got those list of rule breaking by Slave City at your fingertips ?
          of course not !

      • Mediaan

        Wrong, Sphincter, about the “final written warning”.

        Only Fairfax’s Stuff reported it like that, and even they put in the word POSSIBLE. Possible final warning, said Fairfax newspapers, trying to blow up the matter for two days. (Treen doesn’t work for Sky City; he’s a unionist, so you don’t listen to him.)

        Here’s the more balanced, non-Fairfax, version from APN:

        You strike me as a non-job type, Sphincter.

        Warnings, verbal, written, final — this is very formalised in Employment Contracts. These are precise terms that people take very literally and seriously. They are also defined by Court precedents.

        You can’t just come along and invent them, as Fairfax’s Stuff was doing.

        They can apply to different types of behaviour, too; they don’t have to be the same. (Seems one supervisor was trying to point out this cumulative gravity to the employee. Her words were soon replaced by those of a more senior person giving more detail and using correct technical terms.)

    • Ford

      your a dickhead..its only a fucken bible..get a grip loser..shes not a criminal

      • Guest

        No one said she was a criminal stop frothing

    • jb

      This really has nothing to do with religion. The main thing a casino deals with is money. How tempting and easy could it be to hide a few notes here and there in personal items like a book. Now I am not saying any of this would have happened in this woman’s case, I am merely saying the blanket rule of no personal items on employees is fair for employer and employee alike.

      • Joe Bloggs

        No not a lot to do with religion – but plenty to do with a minor disciplinary issue with an employee who repeatedly flouts her obligations to her employer, that’s been blown out of all proportion by a manipulative unionist who has sensationalised this

  • Agent BallSack

    If she wants to carry it at work, search her every working day of her life. Make her feel like a criminal until she gives up her nasty little habit (religion).

    • Ford

      people that hold power or authority over another can be complete and utter fuckwits

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Why does every loser with a gripe run off to the media these days? HFU.

  • Mediaan

    Clearly they ought to have lockers for things like handbags and jackets. Probably do. WTF wasn’t the book in there along with the fish she bought for dinner and the rest of it.

    To me, she is weird, sorry. It is like saying, I despise this workplace so I carry a Bible as a token to protect me from The Devil which is all around me here.

    And then, the Bible gets treated like a live camera which might see her peeing, so she leaves it outside the stall.

    Sorry, sack her. Her attitude says she is not a good employee with a good attitude to her work. I would be very worried as an employer.

  • polishpride

    Simple solution – stop watching main stream media.

  • Joe Bloggs

    well go figure!

    Parata has a track record of disruptive behaviour as an employee – not just three disciplinary hearings with Sky City over the years, but also with the Department of Social Welfare as well…

    Perhaps she’s not the pawn we thought she was… wonder if she’s deliberately colluded with Treen to set Sky City up – she’s clearly not the sweet little innocent that Ford and Arsehole would have us believe


    • Le Sphincter

      Would the story saying Treen wanted to make it a cause- celebre be a hint.

      Slave City ant going to win this one no matter who ‘set it up

      “they were meant to offer her job back but in the meantime, she got a job at the casino” sounds like she had God on her side way back then as well.