Face of the Day


Emer O’Toole reckons women should stop hair removal regimes altogether:

Recently, Irish writer Emer O’Toole issued something of a call to arms in London’s Vagenda Magazine.

She encouraged women to press pause on their hair removal regimes and contemplate the idea of letting hair do what it does best: grow.

An article in the Guardian followed and then an appearance on breakfast television, upon which O’Toole raised her arms and proudly showed the effects of not taking a razor to her armpits for eighteen months.

Effects which are, let’s face it, quite natural. Because, let’s face it once more, growing hair is quite natural, despite the overwhelming belief otherwise.


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  • Caleb

    i hope that is not facial make up she is wearing and are those curls real?

    looking good though..

  • brian.smaller

    Does she shave her legs?

  • Greg

    Had a Moari chick in the office who had hairy pits like that, we used to call her “3 cunts”

    • AzaleaB


    • TravisPoulson

      Yuck! i knew there was a reason I shouldn’t read my tablet at smoko time.

  • Markoshark

    arrr me eyes!

  • Agent BallSack

    Okay if the drapes look like that god only knows what the shag pile looks like.

  • Figgeritout

    The beef ain’t whether or not it’s natural to walk around in yeti mode. The question is, will anyone want to fuck these women?

  • nasska

    Hideous!  A sight like that would put a droop in a power pole but possibly a good form of birth control.

  • Neil

    Geez – you need to put her in touch with the All Blacks – manscaping and body hair removal is their speciality…..

  • Ford
  • WayneO

    She looks like Hayley Westenra, although I suspect the lovely Hayley is rather more groomed.

  • Joe

    We all have to give Emer a debt of gratitude for her wonderful support to all women for the freedoms they all deserve! No one should dictate how or when a women should or must do anything against her free will. As a legitimate protest, I would love to see all women go totally natural!