Fight Your Own Battles

Here is a word of warning to anyone who thinks they can get one over on me and use the Whale army to fight their own work battles for them.

For some reason I have had a number of people pedalling new “Bews-Hair stories” to me. I thought this was a bit curious so I had a bit of a look into why this was happening. It seems that the laughable character that is Len Brown’s press secretary, Glyn Jones, has decided that he doesn’t like all the attention that I have given Bews-Hair and has started trying to feed me new “dirt” – problem is he and his mates seem to be making it all up.

What they don’t realise is that I have a massive amount of info on Bews-Hair. I have used about half of it. The rest of it is personal stuff and stuff that he doesn’t deserve to have aired. He might be a cunning, devious bastard who should stop pretending to be a leftie, but he does seem to at least know how to get things done. Unlike Jones, who I understand is a total peacock… or may be just a cock.

So here is a message for Jones, his mates and their ilk. Do not waste my time pedalling stuff you are making up. Do not try and use this blog to fight the work battles you feel the need to play dirty to win. And finally, has it occurred to you that I might know a few things about you too, I just haven’t used it. I can use it if you want. For example, who is media training the NightMayor and what is the reason for your loyalty to him (and who in TV doesn’t know the real answer to that).

So, Glyn and your rather awkward accomplices, please stop wasting my time. Bews-Hair might be sneaky and underhand, kind of like the Mayor, but he is my play-thing not yours.



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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Nothing like Mr. WO handing out a darn good spankin’ on a friday arvo!

    Nice work!

    • Gazzaw

      My thoughts precisely BIT. I was wondering why WO didn’t finish the message off with “Have a great weekend!”

      Len’s spin doctoring team may not have a great weekend either.

  • Joe_Bloggs

    you big ole cock-tease Cam! :)

  • All Matthews

    I love WhaleOil.  So much hate.  So much anger.  How does Cam cope on Sundays?