Foie Gras Hypocrisy

The Atlantic

The only people more sanctimonious than Greens are Germans or French. Typical of them. They ban production but not consumption.

Provided the law stands—and it is expected to, given that no one in Sacramento seems keen to revisit gavage in the midst of a budget crisis—California’s chefs will have to decide whether to obey it or, as some have already threatened, defy it (and risk a $1,000-a-plate fine). Such culinary disobedience has some precedent: Chicago, which in 2006 implemented the nation’s first foie gras ban, recently overturned its law, in part because it was so widely flouted, and in part because then Mayor Richard M. Daley claimed it had made his city “the laughingstock of the nation.” (Though not the world. Under Hitler, Germany was the first country to criminalize force-feeding of fowl; several countries—including Israel, Italy, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Poland—have since outlawed gavage. None of these bans extends to consumption, however; Germans, who updated their ban in the 1990s, eat 170 tons of foie gras a year.

170 tons of foie gras is an awful lot of tasty ducks being harvested in someone else’s country.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Given my great love of foie gras, I feel obliged to call the Californian law makers nobs. One has to remember that these days, gavage starts about two weeks before the geeseducks are slaughtered. So as always, the do gooders over react and misrepresent the truth by omission.

    • James Stephenson

       They also never mention that it’s simply exploiting the bird’s natural behaviour and ability to gorge itself before a long migration. It’s no more cruel that what we do to turn a cow into a milk-producing machine.

      Not a fan of Foie Gras, but the Magret de Canard, the meat “by-product” if you will, is simply delicious.

      • Mediaan

        Hardly natural behaviour.    I believe they use a tube in the neck and something to force it down way after the bird has had enough.

        The aim is a diseased liver.   Reply

      • In Vino Veritas

        Mediaan. There is no proof that geeseducks suffer from force feeding. Just because animal rights people say they do, doesnt make it so.

        I suppose they may have asked the geeseducks if they have had enough and do they feel bad, in gooseduck language.

  • ConwayCaptain

    May be Dot Com could be subject to gavage  and think of how much foi gras would be harvested from his liver

  • ConwayCaptain

    Remember Les Crapauds have a diet v high in fat and all the nasties but a v low coronaray heart disease rate.  Also the Japanese who have a diet high in salt.