Gay marriage supports stable families

NY Times

Some sensible points, and on a subject that matters. Marriage Equality is a simple right, and one we should provide to gays and lesbians immediately. For too long our politicians have pussy footed around gay issues without giving them the one thing that matters, marriage equality. Nikki Kaye’s Gay Mardi Gras is a cop out from a politician pandering for the pink vote and should be dropped in favour of a real campaign for marriage equality.

Mehlman, Singer and many other Republicans say that marriage equality, which in fact gets the government out of the business of controlling and casting judgment on people’s private lives, is consistent with conservative principles.

Singer said that it “very well fits within my framework of freedom,” adding that it promotes “family stability” and is a tribute to an institution in need of one.

“Obviously, the institution of marriage in America has utterly collapsed,” he said. That gay and lesbian couples nonetheless want to wed “is kind of a lovely thing and a cool thing and a wonderful thing,” he added.


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  • Cleland M

    Nooooo, has the whole world gone nuts?? 

  • AzaleaB

    I must be logging into the wrong website…this one seems to be dominated wiht gay-this and gay-that. Very odd.

    • Cleland M

      get ready Azalea, this website is only pointing at what’s just around that awful corner…

      • Polishpride

        You do realise that just because it gets legalised you don’t actually have to go out and have one yourself…. If your already married it doesn’t change the nature of your relationship either……If you realise both of these things have you stopped to ask yourself why you care about this issue so much? 

  • Andrei

    “Gay marriage supports stable families”  –  it must be true because the New York Times says it is true.

  • Agent BallSack

    I’m kind of at the point where the propaganda is starting to have a negative effect on me. Here’s the rub, for all Kosh’s rabid protestations of inequality, his Facebook profile says he is ‘married’ to his husband (partner). Seems pretty equal to me. I am starting to think this is some kind of insidious socialism at play. After all if the idea has merit, why so many posts needed?

    •  I thought Kosh 103 was a woman…??

      • TravisPoulson

        May as well be, feminine pansy.

  • Agent BallSack

    As an afterthought, and addressing the substance of the post – I would think Loving, Respectful, Tolerant marriages build stable families. It has nothing to do with your sexuality, but who you are as a person.

    • AzaleaB

      Well stated!

    • 4077th

      Yes ABS..the only flaw in your argument is that your sexuality and your preferences says a lot about who you are as a person in my view.

      • Polishpride

        Really… Lets follow that line of thinking for a moment. Adolf Hitler – Heterosexual,
        Head of the KKK – Heterosexual, Ted Bundy – Heterosexual, Attila the Hun Hetero, Idi Amin – Hetero (?), Pol Pot – Hetero, Vlad the Impaler – Hetero, Ivan the terrible – Hetero, Joseph Stalin – Hetero.

        Unfortunately your statement about sexuality and ones preferences saying a lot about who someone is as a person….. says more about you and your own predudices than anything else.       

    • Cleland M

      sounds all good , but then it comes back to personal perspectives on what ‘loving’, ‘respectful’ and ‘tolerant’ actually mean, and there is the problem…what one may say is a loving marriage, another might consider to be a facade. & what does ‘tolerant’ mean?? when one is tolerant of something that harms someone else then there is nothing loving about that.. long story short, we need some absolutes which are not determined by present society’s ‘contemporary wisdom’, but on some grounded truth, but even truth it seems has gone out the window since ppl are subscribing nowdays to their own version of truth which isn’t truth at all. & so we are not lovers of truth, but rather hellbent on pleasing ourselves Gute Nacht und viel Glück

    • Quintin Hogg


  • AzaleaB

    Have to say this  – Spain is stuffed, my 15 year old is giving an ecomonics speech today on how Greece is stuffed, Syria is a cot-case, the UN stands for United Nutters, the Nats are flip-flopping on policy like a first term Govt, the Greens are gaining ground, people are beginning to get the speed wobbles again in the business world and we are focussing on this topic?

    I loathe the NZ Horrid for its lack of substance and read blogs instead but…sigh.

    • It is one or two posts about twice a week when i post 20 per day…might i suggest you read the other posts.

  • AzaleaB

    Actually Cam – love your work and am an avid reader(have been for years – just lack time to post comments regularly) as I suspect you know.

    My comment refers not just to this blog but the tone of all media where the big issues are glossed over.It is just my opinion.

  • Andrewo

    We see the horrid mess that single parenting has perpetrated on society all because the single parent has ‘rights’ (whilst ignoring the likely poor outcomes for the kids) so why should I support another social experiment based on the same premise?

    I suggest gays already have all the ‘rights’ they need to make social contracts between each other so why the need to mess with the state of marriage?

  • Gulag1917

    Posts from the Bible eg Proverbs and simultaneously promoting homosexuality is a blatant contradiction.

  • Polishpride

    Side question – why should two consenting adults require a license to get married and what is often a complete stranger to marry them !??!

    • Super_Guest

       Tax purposes.