Good move in Australia on Domestic Violence

Sydney Morning Herald

Some good moves in Australia to widen the definition of domestic violence. If such changes were made here then people wouldn;t be able to whispetr around the parlimanetary precinct that “she was mad anyway, he never hit her and she deserved it anyway” as they excuse the domestic violence of a senior political figure:

The definition of domestic violence will be expanded to include emotional manipulation, withholding money and harming the family pet under controversial changes to family law.

The changes, which become law on Thursday, for the first time broaden the definition of violence beyond physical abuse to other damaging actions , including:

  •  Stalking;
  •  Repeated derogatory taunts;
  •  Intentionally damaging or destroying property; and
  •  Preventing someone having contact with family and friends.

Women’s groups argue the changes tip the balance of family law back towards putting the safety of children first, while men’s rights groups fear they will rob children of time with both parents.

Under the changes, the Family Court will be required to ask parents if there was abuse or a threat of abuse in the relationship.


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  • Mediaan

    Superb. All needed. Well done Australia.

  • fecnde

    provided its not loaded for one gender then all good

    • Ford

      most DV laws are loaded for one gender..all in favor of the female

  • Rocky

    They should also include ‘hurting feelings’

  • Cadwallader

    These are great. The moral compass with point in both directions between the genders.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Makes you wonder how an Australian government achieved anything of a moral outcome when their current Labor Party intentionally hides a known fraudster and thief who rorted the union of over $500,000 in misappropriated expenses.

      Gillard is just as culpable as the Church has been hiding known peodophiles – this is just as vile – inflicted upon an entire country just so her and Labor can maintain power.

      Remind you of another Labour government attempting to hod onto power? Willing to prostitute NZ and their ethics to remain the government? 

  • Carver Media Network

    Did they go to the GC and send the actors back to NZ??

  • Big Bruv

    A very good move.

    Mind you, I can imagine the mental ‘dads’ groups going feral over this one.

  • Ford

    domesric violence laws do nothing to protect men from violent manipulative females

  • GPT

    So they’re just catching up with the DV Act here that includes psychological violence?