Good news for Actors

The man that nearly killed the Hobbit working with Helen Kelly, resigned on the last day of last year.

The Director of Actors Equity, Simon Whipp, has announced his resignation after 12 years as leader of the performers’ union and professional association in Australia and New Zealand. Mr Whipp said that after a total of 18 years with the Alliance he had decided to step down to spend more time with his family and pursue new challenges. “This has been a very hard decision and not one I have taken lightly,” Mr Whipp said. “It has been an honour and a privilege every day to stand up for Australia’s performers and campaign for their rights, but there comes a time when everyone must look for new challenges.”

Their rights obviously did not include asking their opinion on whether the Hobbit should be boycotted.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Since these Weta-rites are all ‘independent contractors’ anyway why were they complaining about a union they didnt belong to ?

    Luvvies on fat taxpayer subsidised jobs ? certainment pas ?

    • la la land

      ummm – i think you will find they were complaining about the boycott that put the future of the film in NZ in jeopardy and thereby impacting their future employment opportunities. “Luvvies on fat taxpayer subsidised jobs” – I think not.

  • Mediaan

    Has there been any pro-jobs move, any at all, that Labour and usually Green as well didn’t complain about, loudly and at length?