Good on ya Cindy

Colin James

Sometimes left wingers get things right. When they do they need to be supported before they rush back to doing stupid things again. Colin James highlights a bloody good play on welfare.

Generation-Y Ardern’s role is to recast social assistance policy. She has been pushing the child-centred policy which Labour curiously neglected in the election and has been gathering a group to rethink “welfare”, which she is calling “social security”, thereby reviving the original 1930s notion of reciprocity.

About time someone hammered the idea that welfare came with responsibilities as well as rights.

This idea may not have the low rat cunning of something Russel Norman would come up with but it is a smart play that positions Labour to the right of National on dole bludgers. Traditional working class Labour voters who left Labour because it became too gay and too liberal elite can start thinking about coming back.


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  • HotelMovieBuff

    She’d gat far more respect though if she got her tits out

    • Phar Lap

       Or the whole smorgasboard.?.

    • WayneO

      Shane. That’s enough!

    • That wasn’t fair at all – but then your chosen nom-de-plume confirms why you said it!!

  • Kthxbai

    Classy, guys, real classy. 

  • Shame the only comments in response to this are so cheap and lacking in any reason…

    • TravisPoulson

      There there NEIL.

  • Greg M

    Cindy is on the money on this one, if it can get some traction it will translate into votes.
    I have made an on topic comment, now can I see her titties plz ?

    • Patrick

       Good to see you are back on the straight & narrow – big improvement on fantasisng about Nick Smith’s big clangers

      • Greg M

         Heh! yep, I made a big clanger there.:-}

    • SteveOves

      Once a rating always a rating

      • Greg M

         Yep, still an OD at my age, Cheers PO!

      • SteveOves

        No longer a PO mate, now a Mr, working as the Greens nemesis in both the oil and gas industry plus fishing

      • Greg M

         That’s good news Oves. Dial up the fuel rack a bit to make more black smoke mate, and enjoy the fishing.
        Do you miss the pussers? I sure don’t. Cheers G.

  • Boss Hogg

    Was David Farrar taking the piss when he wrote that piece saying that this Communist, in his opinion, is one day going to be PM ?

    Is that better Neil?

  • Troy

    Like Grant Robertson, horsey mouth Jacinda is being groomed by none other than Helen and her very very close initimately-attached No.2, Heather Simpson.  Once the labourites see this, they’ll continue to stay awa.

  • Patrick

    Apparently Jacinda drinks from the furry cup, no wonder Aunty Hels & H2 are firmly in her camp