Good stuff John

John Key has taken to the Greens today for their rank hypocrisy:

In two interviews about asset sales this morning, Key attacked the Greens for using $75,000 of its taxpayer-funded leaders’ budget to hire staff to collect signatures towards a citizens initiated referendum on the issue.

“These are the people that said they don’t have enough money to pay for (deaf MP) Mojo Mathers’ technology in Parliament but have enough money for a citizens initiated referendum,” he told Newstalk.

“This is a politically-motivated referendum.”

Yes the Greens bleated about how they couldn’t afford to pay for their MPs costs for the provision of technology to assist her. That cost incidentally was $30,000. They made a huge song and dance over it and ambushed Speaker Lockwood Smith.

They somehow have no problem rorting the taxpayer for $75,000 to buy a referendum though.

Referenda are supposed to be “Citizens Initiated Referenda” not political party initiated referenda.


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  • Le Sphincter

    A ‘politically motivated referendum’ claims John Key.  

    No wonder Key leads the national party when he is able to grasp such complex  issues .

    Or some would say its  last grasp of the straw as none of his previous messages have any effect

    • TCrwdb

      Fuck off troll

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

       Do you have any brain left?

      •  the problem is he has a left-ist brain

      • Troy

        He’s just belching the laborous farts as he usually does. Le stink!

    • Kthxbai

      Complex issue?  Only for the Greens.

      For the rest of us it’s clearly borderline dishonest.

    • @BoJangles

      La Shitzer, you are everywhere you shouldn’t be, 

    • patriot

      During the 2011 Nationwide Election — Greens & Labour had a highly visible election campaign to  , what they called   ”  STOP ASSET SALES  ”

      Voters during the 2011 Election said to both Greens & Labour — We hear your message , but  we are putting National and John Key in ….

       Voters , said   ” Russel Norman & Labour — we aint buying your ” no asset sale ” policy – you’re out .  There is no need for any Green Party initiated referendum — we had an election on the issue of   ” ASSET SALE   ” .

      ps — i will be buying Power shares and look forward to seeing the shares rise — especially as the Govt retains a 51% controlling interest   …… It is NOT an Asset Sale- it is a minority share float of 49% to NZers.  

       Remember TradeMe share float — $1.5b was subscribed for $0.5b of shares – NZers have the money  for quality shares.

      Labour , Maori and Green Party Voters will be lining up for Power shares too

      Green Party referendum is just a Greens branding exercise that will fail once the Prospectus is tabled

  • Ah, but you forget, the greatness of the cause justifies the means. Or so Greens and Labourites claim. I’ve heard it all lately.

    Apparently it’s good democracy if a party hijacks CIR becasue they are helping “all the people” have their say.

    I wonder how many of “the people” would have bothered doing anything about asset sales if they hadn’t been “encouraged” by persistent Green and Labour bull.

    They get a wee bit sensitive when you point out their hypocrisy and their abuse of CIR.

    • jabba

      they are yet to ask me to sign it .. can’t wait to see them

    • Pukakidon

       Thats the Green way, if the people dont want something lie about it by making a movie or buy a referendum, to them the end justifies the means. It worked for their hero Stalin, they people don’t know what is good for them.

      You did not think they buy into democracy did you? These people are Watermelons, the only green they have in them is jealousy of those who have worked for hard for what they have.

  • Joel

    Oh ok, this is interesting:

    “The problem was that if it became the position that any special requirements for individual disabled MPs became the cost of the party, it creates a disincentive for parties to have disabled candidates.” 

    Compared to:

    “A Green Party spokesman told that would mean she would have no money left for office costs.”

    So today they are framing it as a principled precedent to set, whereas when it happened, they had no problem saying they couldn’t really afford it. Liars and hypocrites, all.

  • 75k down the pan for the Greens

    • Grandstream

      dont you mean $75k of taxpayer down the pan ?

  • “Desperate PM misleads public – Greens” –

  • Phar Lap

     Yes anyone with half a brain will know that the Cancerous “Greens” are a blight, or in fact a plague on the nation of NZ .They are the scumbags in the room with their lies and doomsday predictions.The economy of our country will go nowhere with the sicko green eyed “Green”riff raff  .Russel Norman he is so two faced i would love to put my finger up his nose and turn his face inside out.Of course not forgetting his ugly bug offsider lurking in the shadows ,goes by the name of Turei  .nuff said.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The cost was claimed to be only $30000 my guess is expect that to at least double, now the foot is in the door. Next will be somebody to speak on her behalf so she can be understood.

  • Dr Wang

    Which leads to another point regarding Ms Mather – when will the Greens supply sub-titles for when she is speaking? She’s a paid employee in the Parliament, participating in the decision making processes that determine the laws of the land, but most of us can’t understand a word she says. The Greens made a huge fuss about her in/ability to participate fully, but there are two sides to that argument – and the current system leaves us (the voters) in the dark, guessing at what she is saying.

    We are entitled to know what the hell she is saying – who knows, she may even occasionally make some sense!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Dr Wang – Why won’t you be happy that you don’t have to listen to another Toxic Green MP talking?

  • Mr Sackunkrack

    Dr Wang, a Green making sense is as likely as a donkey pooping gold nuggets.

  • dave

    The Greens have said they could afford Mathers’ costs, but unlike most political parties in this country, stuck to its principles. 

    • johnopkb

      That was the principles they used at the time.  If you don’t like those, they have others….

      •  Quite so johnopkb; all that yoga that the Greens do at their conferences makes them exceedingly flexible; they can adopt any position on any issue on any given day. It must piss them off though that more than 50% of their supporters in the Key Research survey are going to buy SOE shares though…

  • Johnbronkhorst

    How is this a legal use of the leaders fund, considering we all know that helens pledge card wasn’t!!!

  • Wooki

    This idiot bleats about $70 grand here and $30 grand there! For fsake what about the $2,000 grand the Nationals are spending our ,good money to promote the “benefits” of the family jewels sale? Is a bit of perspective ok?