How many National Party Members will still be alive in 2022?

Turning up to a National Party conference often makes me wonder if I have arrived at a Grey Power conference by mistake. Obviously I haven’t because National Party members don’t look like whingers and don’t come over to complain to me about being horrible to that nice young Mr Peters who is treated so badly by the media. The balance of the room is grey, or if not grey dyed and in some well known cases having had extensive plastic surgery with a dash of botox on top, even the blokes.

Until Greg Hamilton came along the actual National Party membership was a closely guarded secret. In a heartwarming display of openness in what is usually a closed organisation, Greg has told members that there are about 28,000 members. What he hasn’t told us card carrying members is that there are more members over 80 than under 30, and that the median age is somewhere close to 70.

And while I am mentioning “card carrying” there really has to be more to membership than a little blue card and two begging letters a year from the President. Though I must say with the frost in Auckland the past few days the card has come in handy for removing ice from the windscreen.

The implications are obvious. National, without fresh recruiting, is in for a massive membership collapse. By 2022 a large number of current members will be dead, or infirm or senile. This is not a condemnation of people aging, it is just a statement of fact.

Rather than have a mass membership party National is moving to a much more United States style of loose party structure that supports candidates by giving them a brand, and a little organisational support but it will be important that they come to the party with a large team and some good donors as the party members will no longer be able to fund the campaign or provide volunteers.


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  • hagar

    worry not, there is an old saying which goes like this…. if you are young and not a socialist you havent got a heart, and if you are old and still a socialist you havent got a brain. Thut there will always appear to be more grey haired people there.

  • Mr_Blobby

    What should be worrying you Blubber boy is the quality of the young Nats. Most of them would struggle to pull the skin off a rice pudding. Every one I have seen has been vertically challenged.

    • YN

      Young Nats Auckland Uni branch signed up 700 new young nat members in 5 days. We may be “vertically challenged” but we at least know how to recruit for our party and don’t sit around making bitchy comments about other party members on blogs.

      • Redbaiter

        How many of those recruited agreed with the National Party founding principles?

        I bet they weren’t even asked.

      • Yn Auckland is in fine shape, I must say

      • Oh and mr blobby is probably a green supporter

  • Beanyboy

    I went to a National Party Lunch at which John Key was speaking, I was the youngest in the room by 20 years and stuck out like the proverbial. I’m sure the food was deliberately soft….