How to wreck your career

Watch this…it is a cautionary tale on kneejerk winging-it by ill prepared ministers…following  a history of Tory flip-flops. National MPs and Ministers and pretenders to the ministry should watch this and learn and be mindful.

Jeremy Paxman destroys Chloe Smith with laser like questioning. It is excruciating to watch.

Malcolm Tucker’s “omnishambles” description even get’s an airing.


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  • Ben

    That is to assume our news will ever have an interviewer of Paxman’s caliber, I think so long as we have the babbling walrus and Mr Marvelous most MP’s can sleep easy 

    • Troy

      MPs are trained to avoid the root of questions by diverting with clever vocabulary – at least this interviewer does demonstrate the MPs ability to do that by repeating questions and continuous diversions by her – vote for her, nope, can’t answer the tough questions – why?  incompetent.

  • ConwayCaptain

    That is the most HILARIOUS political interview I have ever seen

    He tore her up for arse paper and flushed her down the loo.

    Nearest we have to this is Kim Hill.

  • CJA

    Ahhh I miss Paxman. He was a bloody good watch when we were in the UK. Perhaps some NZ journos could take note (just saw a pig flying past my window).

  • Mark

    We need Jeremy Paxman over here to interview the likes Mr Jan Trottman……….

  • Cobolt

    I’ve known Mike Hosking to roast a few poli’s.

    • JAX

      I recall an interview he did with some guy from Ministry of Education – made him look like a real fool – was great because he was.  

  • Neil

    Muldoon started the process of giving and demanding a script – not many interviews are held that are “off the cuff” both parties in the interview don’t like being ambushed (and I mean the interviewer and the political individual, not referring to political parties).

    • Pukakidon

       Yes but politicians need the constant publicity and if they insist on a script, the media should grow some balls and tell them to take a jump, they should start acting like real journalists and start investigating and holding these liars to account.  There are too many ditzie girlies and I include Campbell and the Walrus in the media and they are totally incompetent.   You do know that Robert Muldoon has passed away dont you? Blaming someone who is not around is a bit weak and cowardly.

  • Pokerface

    Glad I wasn’t at that interview… think I would have been under the desk in the foetal position!!

  • unitedtribes

    Would have loved to here the conversation after the live interview.

  • Bunswalla

    And if you want to see how it should be done, watch the Paxman interview with Boris Johnson just after this one. Admittedly it’s a different setting and Paxman is a lot kinder, but Johnson takes over the interview and runs it the way he wants it. The man is brilliant.

  • johnopkb

    Better than TV….what? It is TV?  hahaha

  • rouppe

    Gosh I wish we had interviewers like that here…

    • gazzaw

      Watch the BBC News channel. It has its critics but there isnt a news reader or interviewer in NZ that comes any where near them……. maybe excluding Hosking.

  • Allanspear

    Ouch! If our political interviewers were this good, we would have fewer people with political asperations for fear of having their feet held to the fire!

  • Mediaan

    She did her job, she was composed and polite, and she refused to be provoked by the interviewer’s rude and uncouth manners. Great work, Minister or whatever you are.

    Paxman is the sneering male human equivalent of a front page headline in the News Of The World, going for quick easy popularity with the thicknecks and bar-room barristers.

    He made no point worth making. He used up public broadcast time to no effect. He is obviously an expedient light-weight.

    Get over it, she’s competent. Sorry you didn’t make it to her level yourselves. Try using brain.

    • Bunswalla

      Gee it must be fun in your alternate universe. What’s the weather like?