I wonder which charity Labour will screw over this year?


I wonder which charity labour is going to screw over filibustering against asset sales this year. Last year they died in the ditch to protect compulsory student unions at the expense of the Royal Society, using a bill they were sponsoring to ridiculously delay other laws including the VSA bill.

I suspect though that they will have a short lived filibuster because this is a government bill and not a private members bill.

The Prime Minister’s brushing off opposition threats to delay his Government’s partial assets sales legislation.

Parliament narrowly passed the controversial Bill at its second reading yesterday.

Now Labour’s signalled a filibuster could be on the cards when it comes back for its committee stage debate.

John Key says that’s to be expected.

“There’s nothing new with Labour wasting parliament’s time, they do that all of the time, but at the end of the day there’s a process we’ll go through. We’ve always promised that we wouldn’t take the legislation through under urgency. We won’t, we’ll use the normal house time and let’s see how things go.”


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  • Pokerface

    Whaleoil – Please, help me understand the difference between a Govt. bill and a private member’s bill when it comes to the timeframe of a filibuster?

    • Private members bill sare only debated on every second wednesday thus minimising debate time….if they then filibuster it as well then it takes up even more of the limited time available.

      • Pokerface

        Thanks for that.