Inappropriate Plan Change for Mangere Abandoned

the tipline

For the past 3 years the Manukau City Council Planning Policy Department had been working towards a plan change for the whole heart of Mangere.

The area has its own character and its own strong community spirit. The people did not want or need to have new fangled (and foreign) urban design philsophy and concepts foisted on them, much less shoved on them by having it declared immediately effective in October 2010 just before the advent of Auckland Council.

This plan change (PC26) has been abandoned (PDF 88Kb) with effect from date it is to be announced, today, Friday 22 June. The copy of the public minutes attached record the end of an ill-conceived and inappropriate plan change. The excuse for dropping it is apparently something to do with “incompatibility with the proposed Auckland Plan”.

The only part remaining of PC26 has been turned into a spot zone beside the Mangere Town Centre for a Samoan Consulate under PC54. This spot zone applies to a Council property that is presently public reserve land that will be sold to the Samoan Government.

This is probably a good idea considering the large population of Samoans in the South Auckland area, and having a consulate actually in the community is sensible.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Was the plan change all about higher density living around the town centre ?

    This sort of gives it away …new fangled (and foreign) urban design philsophy and concepts …
    Sacre bleu- a foreign concept …in Mangere Bridge… it will not stand.

  • frosty

    How dare the territorial authorities try and foist urban design guidelines on the Pacific Island of Mangere…
    All sorts of guidelines are just what Mangere needs – if it wasn’t so lawless and untouchable thanks to uncontrolled (foreign) cultural saturation, areas such as Mangere have the potential to be reasonable, livable and safe suburbs of Auckland for anyone.
    And I’m not making a racist statement here – foreign people who have met necessary requirements can live where they like – but certain parts of Auckland are like the wild-west and controlled more by foreign interest than local government.  Those areas arguably have the most potential.

  • Never in the Dark

    Wasn’t this a Len Brown plot?