Is Milliband Minor a con man?

The Telegraph

To me, Britain is a country where it is always possible to have more than one identity.

More than one identity usually means having something to hide.


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  • Duncan Brown

    I agree, ask just about anyone on this site who uses a pseudonym…

  • Mediaan

    Catholicism is another identity. It answers to the Pope, leader of some foreign state in Rome. If push comes to shove, a roman catholic will do the church’s bidding, not the bidding of formal kiwi society.

    Never could understand how we tolerated this when we were technically at war with the Italians in WW2 . Japanese and Germans went into internment camps, no hesitation. Why not people with avowed Vatican loyalties?

  • Le Sphincter

    Interesting that Miliband , who like Key has a jewish mother, is the first Labour leader  from an English constituency since Wilson

    • Mediaan

      What on earth?
      Callaghan. Foot. Kinnock. Smith. Blair. Brown. And Beckett and Harman in between, relieving.
      How do you figure none was from an English constituency?

      • Le Sphincter

        I missed a bit-
        ‘ Ed Miliband, as the first Labour leader since Wilson to both be English AND to represent an English constituency”

        Blair was born in Scotland of course as was Smith and Brown. Callaghan and Foot represented Welsh constituencies, while Kinnock was born there.