Is Trevor moonlighting in Australia?

Sydney Morning Herald

It seems that Julia Gillard has been getting some social media campaigning advice from Trevor Mallard:

The federal government has been bombarded with scorn on Twitter this morning after its ministers used the hashtag “cash for you” to promote its School Kids Bonus.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis and Mental Health Minister Mark Butler are among the government MPs who tweeted this morning that they were visiting local families or schools to “let them know” of the impending cash payment.

Ms Gillard’s advisers, known as TeamJG on Twitter, tweeted: “Talking to parents & students about the Schoolkids Bonus at Marrickville West Public School #cashforyou.”

#cashforyou has quickly become the top trending topic on Twitter in Australia today, ahead of usual placegetters Justin Bieber and local singer Reece Mastin. But the hashtag has drawn scathing responses from users.

“#CashForYou? That’s the line the ALP is going for? At least when Howard did middle-class welfare he wrapped it up in patriotism,” tweeted one.

Another read: “I’m worried the #cashforyou message might be too subtle and nuanced to really cut through.”

“Anyone else waiting for Julia to tell us to look under our seats? #cashforyou,” posted another.

Here Labour just does #cashforcitizenship or #kfc4votes



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  • Indeed; it seems that an outbreak of SMOG (Social Media Own Goal) has blanketed Canberra. It has Mallard’s DNA all over it!

  • Le Sphincter

    SMOG ??
    It became top…thats TOP of the twitter topics.

    You guys really hate success dont you

    • It became top you fool because everyone was mocking it

    • blokeintakapuna

      Electioneering bribes for votes – pure and simple. Shame they couldn’t do #cash for judicial enquiry about theft, corruption and sheltering deliberate fraudster to remain in government. Then they’d have some real credibility!

  • Le Sphincter

    The #asktony topic got a hiding too, but you wont find it in the Murdoch press, they are too busy working with the liberals on various media beatups. Greech, Slipper , Thompson