It’s not just the Aussies that don’t like the look of Huawei

The Telegraph

It seems that the Poms are getting a bit upset with Huawei as well as the Aussies:

It would also draw a line under a series of failed attempts to introduce mobile coverage to the Underground. In 2011, the Chinese network Huawei offered to make the £50m upgrade as a gift to the British government. However, the deal fell apart in the face of public scepticism about the Chinese company’s motives. The company is routinely accused of being able to use its network for spying, a charge which it denies.


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  • Gazzaw

    There was a very interesting segment on Huawei on Nation at the weekend. Worth taking a look on replay and making up your own mind. No doubt about their product though.

  • They’re not the only ones  “………… able to use its network for spying.” Just one of the only ones the West complains about.

  • Never in the Dark

    Damn….I just bought one of their phones……!

  • Alloytoo

    And no thinks it’s strange that the same sort of guys that found tracking spyware on iphone and others haven’t been able to crack Huawei hardware and find more than FUD?

  • Staplez

    I work in the IT industry and selling to the NZ government, products that are in direct competition to Huawei
    Let me tell you it is common place for one particular limb of the government that deals with communications security to ask 101 about where each and every component of the hardware we sell is manufactured. Then we must ensure nothing ships directly out of china to NZ. There has to be another nation that the hardware lands in before lading in NZ then onward to this particular government client. China does of course manufacture must IT hardware but we ensure that they do not know who the intended client is in case of tampering.
    So it’s very real here too, it just hasn’t been publicised.
    Not going to say exactly who this part of the government is but I’ve almost spelt it out in black and white.

      Would that it were true – nice conspiracy – so our  trade dealing with China means nothing? Nor our relationship with the USA?

      • Staplez

        Haha its no conspiracy, its my day to day dealings with this part of the government.I just thought I’d bring it to light that its common practice for governments to be careful of where their tech comes from.

        It applies to hardware such as hard drives to. They will not accept them if they are directly from china and there is possibly the knowledge that the Chinese manufacture would know that it is going to this particular client.

        Its my job, how I make my living. Not a conspiracy. And there is no harm in being overly careful when dealing with information security.