James Delingpole on the Hypocrisy of the left

The Telegraph

James Delingpole excoriates Jimmy Carr for his breathless hypocrisy:

I can think of at least two differences between me and the brilliantly funny, heroically near-the-knuckle comedian and satirist Jimmy Carr. One is that I don’t earn in excess of £3.3 million a year. And the other is that in the unlikely event that I ever did and were – very sensibly –  to channel it through an elaborate Jersey tax avoidance scheme, I could do so without the slightest stain on my conscience or my credibility.

James then gives a brilliant description of his position on wealth and keeping it that I am sure Cactus Kate would agree with:

Why? Because, as I make perfectly clear in every article I ever write on the subject, I believe that tax is legalised theft and that earners have a sacred duty to stop as much money as they (legally) can getting into the filthy hands of Big Government, because it will only go and spend it on something completely useless. It doesn’t matter whether someone is an entrepreneur like my brilliant brother Charlie (of Market Invoice) or a hugely talented comic like Carr, they make important contributions to the British economy because they create value and add to the economic growth from which the whole nation benefits. Their reward, therefore, for their talent and risk should be to keep as much of the fruits of their labour as they reasonably can, consistent with their duty to help fund the basic external costs of defending their liberties – eg defence of the realm, property rights, etc.

That is the same position I maintain too. Not so for Jimmy Carr though:

But imagine how much of a hypocrite you’d have to be to put your money through a (perfectly legal) tax avoidance scheme, when you had earned that money in sketches like this one from Channel 4’s relentlessly Left-wing 10 O’Clock Live:

Last year on Channel 4 Jimmy Carr took on Barclays for carrying out a tax-avoidance scheme. Carr donned a blonde wig to play a female bank clerk. ‘Why don’t you apply for the Barclays’ 1 per cent tax scam,’ she announced to her customers. ‘You will need the world’s biggest, most aggressive team of blood-hungry amoral tax lawyers. If you meet the criteria, you’ll pay 1 per cent tax, like Barclays do.’

How could you live with your conscience? How could you face your fans? How could you expect your sixth-form spray-on-Lefty politics to be taken seriously ever again by all your sixth-form spray-on Lefty mates like Charlie Brooker and Graham Linehan and Ben Goldacre and all the rest of the Guardianista Twitter gang who think the only solution is bigger government spending, higher taxes, more regulation and greater impositions on “the Rich”?

Actually, scrub that last question. I expect half of them are up to the same game themselves.

This is the same sort of hypocrisy that sees Labour politicians send their kids to private schools while campaigning to protect teacher unions.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Since when did a comedian parodying fat cat bankers for being ….fat cat bankers become sixth- form- spray- on- leftyism.

    Perhaps whoever- maypole is a tad jealous. a polemicist for the far right who is ‘right about everything’ but didnt complete a degree in english literature at Oxford
    Some do the swot all their life and become a little noticed Torygraph columnist.

    Others parlay a ordinary Cambridge honours degree into a marketing job at Shell and then a stand up comedy routine and very edgy humour and make millions.

    • johnbronkhorst

      What a sorry irrelevant rant!!!

    • Mediaan

      A degree course well-pursued is equally useful whether you got the piece of paper or not. It is about practising how to think, and how to manage evidence, and how to express it all, and how to fit it into the useful things of everyday life. IMO.

      • Neil

        What – like snobbery?

    • Neil


    • St_Hubbins

      I think you may have missed Whale’s point slightly, Ass-man.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Personally, the thing the lefties don’t get…is that the book “The little red hen” has more relevant and correct facts in it and has been proved a correct assessment of economic theory. Than that lengthy, irrelevant, boring and WRONG tome….”Das Capital”…by Karl Marx.

    • Le Sphincter

      The new Descartes… who would have guessed it was jbh

  • thor42

    I agree. Tax is *definitely* “legalised theft”.

    • Le Sphincter

      So now we have some 5th- form -spray- can- libertarianism

  • Mediaan

    Taxation is theft (attribution unknown but Bob Jones was the first commentator I read saying so). It is Demanding Money With Menaces.

    Savings are a way of storing up credit for extra work you have done, in case of future need.

    Along comes the government and perhaps rips it away to give to others.

    Nevertheless, one is law-abiding, one recognises a responsibility to set an example, and so one pays one’s taxes. But, maybe, with a snarl.

  • Mark Hubbard

    I can see Delingpole’s point, but I can still separate Carr’s humour from the man, and hell, his head’s ended up in the right place.

    And I can say that with an entire blog behind me dedicated to the immorality of tax: