Know your Union Scum

One of the tactics over the last few days by the NZEI has been to tell members to flood the comment sections of any online class size articles.

Many of them pretend to be “normal” people and don’t own up to their twisted backgrounds.

One of the ringleaders over at the NZEI Facebook page is a certain Dempsey Woodley. He likes to be the voice of reason – but is in fact an NZEI staffer and former Radio NZ producer.

There’s also an old friend of the Whale Army – a certain Allan Alach. This disgraced former principal used to spend all day slagging off the government while happily pocketing the taxpayer dollar. Before I exposed him.

Let’s not forget the odious Marlene Campbell and full-time and fully-paid NZEI, Greenpeace and against everything activist Stephanie Mills, who is used to posing as a parent to mislead readers.

And there’s the looney Bill Courtney, or “concerned parent” as NZEI always likes to describe him.

These people, and their sheep-like friends, have been popping up everywhere unchallenged over the last couple of weeks.

Watch out for them, and give them your regards, in future education battles.


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  • Johnboy

    A moron called bc pops up from time to time at KB. Claims he isn’t Bill Courtney.

    Basically a fuckwit so probably is BC or bc!

  • Caleb


    start the online ‘beef hooked’ data base right away,

    entry by omission of interest.

  • Phar Lap

    Would be great to see them on face, or faces of the day.Better to know what the liars look like
    Maybe even get their photos in SST or HOS.Oops more chance of winning the lotto,or getting Lie-bour or the “Greens” to fess up on their dirty tricks brigade. 

  • Bill_Courtney

    And why do you think I am a “looney”, Whaleoil??  Perhaps you just can’t handle the fact that there are many of us who are concerned about the nonsense education policy being spun by this government.  Or is it that you just can’t stand it when people get involved and passionate about something they really believe in.

    • Piss off union hack, if you want to spout your brain-washed indoctrination here then expect a pasting.

      • Malcolm Tucker

        Or to put it another way:

        ‘I will marshall all the media forces of darkness to hound you to an assisted suicide’

    • You are only passionate in stopping National from doing anything…you were strangely silent for 9 years of Labour…when Mallard closed down school willy nilly…not a peep out of you…you still have no answer for the 20% of kids who leave school failed by what you believe are the best in the world…

      As far as you are concerned the only people entitled to have a say in education are unions and their flunkies.

      • Phar Lap

        Well said to a flunky, who mirrors all his craving lying cowardly  Lie -bour and ‘Green ” Party  self serving bloodsucking losers.

      • Fozzie

         Well Wa’il I AM a concerned parent -. I have to say I have not heard a peep from the school or the teachers … but have talked with other concerned parents this past few weeks at school and at sports practices. Bleat all you like about teachers and their unions – IT IS the PARENTS whom have stood up and told Ministerparata she and her treasury buddies got it sooooo wrong !

    • Jester

      So how old are your kids Bill?

  • Go teachers!!!

    Can you explain WO how more kids in a class will be better for those who are struggling. The % of which may not even be 20% I now hear.

    • Symgardiner

      Go teachers!!!…. NO ONE is saying more kids per teacher is better. NO ONE. What people ARE saying is that there are a number of factors that go into achieving better educational performance of children. One of those IS teacher:pupil ratios. Others include better training of and professional development for teachers, a better curriculum, better performance measuring and reporting and performance related remunerations. 
      What people ARE saying is that the gains from spending more money to reduce teacher:pupil ratios is less than the gains if that money was put into training and PD for teachers. And what people are also saying is that this has been the case for a while now.
      Hekia was stupid to do the trade off debate. She should have held the class sizes as they are and started the work on lifting teacher quality with some smaller steps. Instead she has hashed it up and she is in for a big punch up which she may now lose. Which is irritating to those of us with kids at school because improvements need to happen.

    • Captain_Hindsight

      So, with Lie-bour reducing your already slim workload, why didn’t the percentage drop?

  • Caleb

    Can you explain how it is economic not to?

    Ive got an even better idea, lets double shift schools and
    split intermediate between Primary and Secondary.
    Senior High school has five hours in the morning and Junior High school, five in the afternoon.
    Secondary schools should also utilize facilities for Tertiary training.

    • Go teachers!!!

      Ecomomic?? Not everything is about making money. Education is a right for all, not a way to turn a profit from kids.

      • James jenkins

        There is no “right” to an education……if you were educated you would know that….idiot.

      • Patrick

         The forever providing taxpayer has a right to expect a positive outcome for the endless amount of tax dollars pumped into education every year. At the moment the outcome is under educated feral youth with no intention of ever working & a “gimmie now it is my right” attitude & teachers with a “gimmie more it is my right” attitude. We pay an absolute fortune to the education sector & it is well over due for an extreme make over

    • Symgardiner

      Double shifting is done in a number of very very educated countries. It works well.

      • Go teachers!!!

        And given our world ranking it would seem our way works very well as well.

    • Mediaan

      Christchurch schools double-shifted after the earthquakes wrecked some schools. From outside the arrangement, only from comments made, it seems to have worked well.

      Much praise is due to the teachers who must have made big adjustments and worked hard, and to the families who set about taking the bet out of it.

      But it is good sense IMO.

      • AnonWgtn

        The Christchurch Teachers are to be congratulated because they saw a challenge and rose to the occasion.
        Now why can’t all teachers do likewise ?
        Because its easy to do nothing.

  • nasska

    The cloth cap scumbags who interfere with the kids minds must be the only group of non executive employees who demand to dictate the terms of what they do & when they do it.

    Perhaps they need reminded on a constant basis that they are only a pack of over remunerated union hacks who have managed to delude themselves that they are worthy of professional status.

    • Agree with the sentiment; you need a superclass of appointees without union ties that can kick the arses of non-performing schools, place teachers in a ‘performance band’ for extra remuneration and give the powers to principals to can the piss taking teachers. 

  • Meg

    Another thing that always amazes me are these right winger people who bang on about teachers telling kids what to think etc… and how teaching has stood still. Well if teaching has stood still, then these same people who say kids are being brainwashed would have gone through this process themselves.

    So the fact that the attack teachers with this rubbish is a very good advert for why what they say is rubbish.

    • Mediaan

      Tortuous reasoning here, and over inflated language. Probably a teacher.

      Dear Always Amazed Meg, one takes it that your appearance, then, is stunned-looking and wide-eyed? (Or do you merely use a lot of cliché?)

      As for teachers telling kids what to think, what is your comment on the classroom teacher who had all the children writing letters protesting because all their cooking classes were going to be taken away? Untrue, misleading abuse of children? Shocking distortion of the facts? A teacher who is stupid/selfish/expedient (choose one)?

    • Patrick

       The teaching system fails 20% of students – is that acceptable or should we be doing whatever it takes to reduce that figure?
      It seems to me that the 20% rate is seen by the teachers & unions as collateral damage – they don’t care as long as their perks, pay & conditions are not altered.

    • Being a right winger is something to be proud of as rightwingism is a natural evolution of thought necessary to negate the depressive and stagnating effects of Socialism. 

    • AnonWgtn

      Over the last 20 years or so the intake of students to be Teachers has been controlled by the Teacher’s college selectors.
      These people have fixed ideas and philosophies as to what they want to see as Teachers. I understand that interviewers require such as the ability to understand Maori principles under the Treaty of Waitangi, Union rules and their Social views. Nearly all women of course, as males are poorly represented as not being able to be a teacher as they are probably potential rapists.
      I have a relative who would have made a good role model teacher, but was turned down because he went to a private school during some of his education.
      These so called educators succeded and failed New Zealand

  • Pauliepaul2012

    Hey WO, in that photo of BC and the other ‘parents’ I can recognise at least two other principal colleagues of mine posing as “other concerned parents” and I am not sure about one. It could be a high profile principal that had her butt handed to her a couple of months back by Parata. She had a commissioner put into her school after she refused to close down the senior classes in her school (even though they were a complete failure)…but still manages to propagate the myth that she is successful and innovative.

  • Symgardiner

    Go teachers!!!… “our way” works… but not well enough for the last almost 20% (check out figure 2 of this if you want to argue the roughly 20% figure – – that’s where it comes from).
    The issue for the govt is how to make further inroads into this 20%. Its about time the teacher unions/Labour/Greens/etc come up with some competing ideas for addressing this hole. They may not like National’s ideas but at least they are trying.

  • Mediaan

    Where does his nonsense about high world rankings come from? What study, what authority, what published research?

    It is hard to believe. The given figures on illiterate kids leaving school, on how 50% of brown-face children do not pass Level 2 NCEA…

    Kids in Europe are leaving school with several languages. Kids in Germany and Sweden are pouring in large numbers into Engineering degree courses (which have very high entry levels). Chinese youngsters are wiping the floor with ours, ability wise, and Chinese technology is moving ahead fast because it has very advanced graduates in Mathis, physics, engineering, chemistry,

    • Symgardiner

      Mediann… our school rankings are pretty good. There is not too much debate about this. 
      However there should also not be any debate about the hole for just under 20% of students (and worse if you are Maori). There are lots of factors that cause this. But the end result is around 20% of students are not getting the educational opportunities they need to succeed in our society. That is simply unacceptable.
      Education is a key to kids jumping their socio-economic upbringing (example John Key). Education can be the great leveler in society – so long as it lifts kids up,
      Currently it is failing to do this for these 20%.

      • Patrick

        No change to the education system will fix the Maori failure rates – that is down to parents abdicating their responsibilities & poor guidence from their peer group.
        Until education is seen as a pathway to success there will be no improvement in the shocking statistics that Maori are over represented in.

  • I can vouch for Bill’s status as a concerned parent as opposed to a union flunky unless he is otherwise allied to the Labour party or other socialist indoctrinating political forces including but not limited to Unions, Quangos,councils or specious government departments. Bill is a father of children that recently attended a NZ school and absence on commentary on previous government action is due his status as having relatively recently arrived in NZ from the UK. He served time on a school BOT. Isn’t that right Bill? There’s more photos out there of me hanging with unionists if you ever want to serve mine up on a platter. I really think he might just be concerned. As a parent. Please don’t prove me wrong, Bill.
    Might drive my blog traffic, Then when I get sick of the limp-wristed pansy attempts here, I’ll shoot over to SubStandard where they really get the sado-masochists excited.