Labour is the Nasty Party, Ctd

Looks like Megan Woods has been taking some social media coaching from Trevor Mallard:



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  • Mr Godwin, I presume?

  • Michael

    Every time a public figure likens anything that happens in this country to the holocaust in anyway shape or form, I want to die from embrassement. 

    People that do this should be ashamed of their failed attempt to sensationalize their pet issue. Shame on you. You trivialize a grotesque chapter in our history for your own petty gain.  Shame on you. 

  • pauleastbay

    who is megan woods?

    • Troy

      Yup exactly – who is this bitch who apparently is new on the scene?  Any dirt on her?  Let’s be having it.

      • minqar qaim

        Megan Woods, and/ or her Tutor Trevor Mallard (according to Cameron) either cant count, or dont know their history, or were tutored by Hitlers friend Joseph Goebells.Mr Hitler may well have had a manifesto,he may well have campaigned on it, but he did not win on it. At least with 37% he would have beaten the Labour Party. His accession to power came 6months after he didnt win the election, via all the backdoor methods we see in NZ since MMP,and once in power he did quite a few things which were not in his manifesto, like taking the Socialism (and the Socialists) out of National Socialism.So Megan Woods, go back to school if you want to quote history.

      • Phronesis

        She has a PhD in ….. history!   WTF!

  • Johnboy

    Hitler was a prick but at least he shot lefties.

    • TravisPoulson

      A socialist that shot communists, left wing politics at its best. 

      Fortunately he was one vegetarian that at least had the sense to put a bullet in his own nugget.  

      • Johnboy

         But he liked Dog’s Travis. He couldn’t have been all bad!

  • pauleastbay

    Oh fuck just googled her with photo’s,

    • Johnboy

       Knew you were a masochist PEB!

    • norm

      what a sick puppy.

    • TravisPoulson

      Me too, just chucked up tonights lasagne.

  • Joel

    I feel you could start titling these posts “Status quo, ctd”  

  • Horace

    I think the dog Latin is “reducto ad Hiterum”  

  • Phar Lap

    We would expect such comments from someone who has a head on them like a bucket of blood.Seems she has nothing else going for her.

  • Alex

    Don’t care about the nastiness so much as just how symptomatic of the decline in public debate.  Yes I wouldn’t vote Labour ever, but an effective and credible opposition is essential to our democracy and public policy development.  It’s the same with the mining issue, they just use alarmist rubbish rather than provide credible alternative solutions.   If we can come up with viable alternatives to asset sales and mining, then let’s hear them.  Chances are this centre-right voter will support those alternatives.

    • Mully

       Actually, you’re bang on to something there. I think National got to coast last term because Labour were useless when they were meant to be keeping the Nats “honest”.
      I’m glad the Greens are stepping up more this term (cf last term), as Labour seem to be going the same way.

  • Stuarts Burgers

    Always been a nasty thing. Back in 2005 as Alliance  Candidate she was Tim Barnett’s ‘attack dog’you would see them at meet the candidate meetings he would give her the ammunition and she would fire away at will. A nasty bit of work.   

  • thesorrow&thepity

    First met her 7 years ago when she was in Anderton’s progressive coalition, she hadn’t worked a day in her life then & it looks like nothings changed. A real piece of work from the ivory towers of canterbury, she really thinks she’s so superior to everybody else. After reading Trotters blog about Labour’s candidate circus it doesn’t surprise me their ranks are full of academic elitists’ with no real world experience!

  • Phronesis

    Pointing out that she is wrong about Hitler seems a bit redundant.

  • Guest

    Comparing Key to Hitler is just stupid. Hitler got things done, Key cannot even finish a cycle way.

    • Johnboy

       Adolf built Autobahns quicker than JB’s cycleway.

      Perhaps he should replace Joyce with an Albert Speer lookalike?

      • Yeah, but Hitler did not have the RMA to deal with. Hate to think what would of happened to Greenies who protested about the highways, probably ended up as flat as a US Postal stamp as they lay down in front of the bulldozers!!!!!

      • Alloytoo

        With respect Adolf was allowed  to use firing squads on the opposition.

    • Troy

      Well that’s a fucked up comment if ever i saw one – how about not being a coward and hiding behidn a “Guest” nick – fucking yellowbellied bastard.

    • la la land

      As i keep saying we have our cycle way where I live – and yes people were paid to build it – and yes its AWESOME

  • Johnboy

    We might get Transmission Gully done by next year!!!!!!

    • norm

      And Christchurch fixed before the Germans march again.
      Pigs fly in the Woods.

      • Johnboy

         I hope you are not the norm I think you might be?

      • In Vino Veritas

        Yeah Norm, lets just barge in an start fixing shit up when the place is still shaking. That’s sensible.  But then, I am sure you are our local geological expert and have unlimited experience in construction as well.

    • Michael

      Next Decade – work might start in 2015… Would like to see Hutt Road upgrades (Petone replacement/Melling/KGB/SH58) being given a push as well.

  • Fergusz

    Note to ms woods: First order of business for the national socialist economy, under hitler, was to take control of private business, those things not nationalised were controled via a system requiring owniership by party members. ie either you became a party member and conducted business as they told you to, made what they let you and how they let you. or it was confiscated, you were disappeared and your busines given to someone who would!!! Making their model (nazi model) for the economy, closer to what labour are espousing than anything National has ever suggested. Labour= state ownership and control, National= private enterprise with govt. encouragement!!!

  • Davidw

    C’mon guys, have some respect.  It is Dr Woods to you,  …..  peasants!

  • Gunga Din

    She is as big as Hitlers’ gas bill ….

  • Q. What was the difference between Hitler and Helen Clark?

    A. At least Hitler signed his own paintings.

  • Dr Wang

    Jeez – shit for brains, and looks to match. Megan should come with a health warning.

  • Mediaan

    Reductio ad Twitterum.

  • Montana Muse

    Hitler – has only got one Ball.  Mallard – well he has none at All.

  • la la land

    For fucks sake – this woman should think before she tweets – how absurd!

  • LesleyNZ

    A very foolish comment for Megan Woods to make. She has no idea what she is talking about comparing what Hitler did to the partial sale of state assets. Megan is a reflection of the direction our education system has taken – proper and factual history not being taught in schools anymore. Hitler was an atrocious, evil murderer Megan. Suggest you go and read up on what Hitler was really like. Proverbs gives some good advice for you Megan – Prov. 15:2 “The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.”(Oh well – now I know who Megan Woods is – Labour MP for Wigram. Will always associate her now with foolishness)

    • Montana Muse

      The big fear LeslyNZ ,is that if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.  I also fear that incompetant people like her are in a position to control our loves because we let them.  We are doomed to be led by our inferiors.

  • LesleyNZ

    Um –  I recall Labour campaigned very vigorously and vociferously AGAINST the sale of state assets (actually correction – partial sale of state assets). Did Labour get elected to become our Government? I don’t think so……….