Labour wants an extra day to break more Electoral Law

NZ Herald

The Labour party already has enough trouble keeping within the guidelines set out by the Electoral Act, but now they want to get an extra day which they will no doubt use to continue flouting and breaching the Electoral Act safe in the knowledge that the Police won’t ever prosecute:

The Labour Party wants a ban on electioneering on election day to be scrapped, saying it was “puritanical” and “from a bygone era.”

Labour’s General Secretary, Chris Flatt, told the justice and electoral select committee it was time for the ban to be reviewed and there was no logical reason for all election advertising to disappear by midnight the night before.

He said provided there were laws to prevent intimidation of voters, there was no reason why electioneering should not be allowed on election day as was permitted in Australia and several European countries.

“The puritanical view in New Zealand could be reviewed, especially in light of the number of people who make up their mind to vote in the last week of the election campaign, and the 12 per cent who make up their minds on the day itself.”

However, Chief Electoral Officer Rob Peden told the committee that it had been part of the political culture since the late 1800s.

“New Zealanders may not be experts on many aspects of electoral administration but one thing most know is that you can’t electioneer on the day.”


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Is trying to bribe people with KFC classified as electioneering?

  • Troy

    Yes I can see it all now – left wing loonies getting into the faces of good citizens as the walk into schools and halls around the country to vote, spewing forth in their usual social engineering manner and pressuring to vote red…. well Rob Peden owned Chris Flatt big time with his response – kudos to Rob

    • Phronesis

      Every time I vote at a school I wonder if walking into a school subliminally brings back the leftist indoctrination of my youth by unionised teachers. 

  • Johnbronkhorst

    It was brought in to save money wan’t it…Afterall banning electioneering on election day, means we don’t have to hire armed guards (as in other countries) to stop the EPMU from bullying little old ladies at the polling station!!

  • Bobo

    I see no reason to change it, if nothing else it means they take down all the hordings, if they didn’t have to they would be around for weeks!

  • toby_toby

    Labour really comes across as desperate with this nutty idea.

  • Lesterpk72

    Its bad here in Oz, people from parties stand around outside the entrances to the halls/schools used as polling stations and hand out flyers and balloons etc.  Its a bit like running the gauntlet.  Keep the NZ law as it is.

    • le sphincter

      Its a relief thats is all over, keep it the way it is

  • Phar Lap

    Didn’t stop Lie-bour in 2005 roaring up in Mangere and taking thousands of PIs to a free feed of Kentucy fried and whisking them off to polling booths Thats what won them the then election,KFC for votes.Much like the Asian Passports for cash caper,carried out by Lie-bour Cabinet Ministers.

  • Pukakidon

    There is always and angle that the Liarbour party play to try and cheat their way into parliament.

    It would get me pretty angry to have some screaming fat turd of a leftist twit in my face trying to coerce a vote from me or my family when we turn up to vote against them.  It is a recipe for violence and confrontation.  Leave it as it is a day in peace to make our selection. 

  • Mediaan

    Tell the idiots to buy rubber stamps and rubber stamp the word Labour on likely supporters’ hands, if they can’t remember what the party is called. They could do it weeks ahead, in most cases …

  • Patrick

    Just encourages the like of Mallard & Mike Williams & their disgraceful lying as per 2005 “American Bagmen” nonsense. There is enough underhand untruthfulness as there is without this

  • Mully

    12% of people decide who they’re going to vote for ON THE DAY??!!

    Those people shouldn’t have a fucking vote