Labour’s new anti cronyism policy

NZ Herald

Even though Chris Hipkins attacked the wrong person he has still done us all a massive favour. In an intemperate rant about National appointing mates to the Health Promotion Agency he says the following:

Three National Party office-holders on one board, particularly given the nature of the board, with an advocacy role, it seems to me is pretty questionable.

He was concerned that the presence of three National members would heavily influence the agenda of the new organisation, which would create programmes on key areas such as alcohol use and obesity.

Great. When Labour come back into power we will be able to hold them to the “Hipkins Standard”. No one with any Labour Party connections, even if they have been out of parliament for more than a term, may be given any government appointment.

That should stop the kind of useless hacks that infest Labour being given any positions that cost the rest of us money.


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  • Johnbronkhorst

    Hipkins….dum as a house plant!!! (not to suggest that he is smarter than outside plants)…Remember the woman fired from a post with the labour govt.(under helen) because here boyfriend worked in Key’s office???…Labour has alway put cronnies in key positions, even not so key positions. It is in fact ational, who have given posts on merit (not that I think cullen is a good example of that)…Moore as US ambassador…etc etc…Labour has ALWAY been the party of croneyism. He is also saying that we must not chose the best person for the job, if they have links to National…..what a COMPLETE dork!!!

  • Le Sphincter

    RIch would be appointed by any government as she is very able. 
    However her current day job as a shill for the big grocers and FMCG industry would be a conflict in health promotion field.more coca cola or less obesity ?…you join the dotsI have no doubt her masters would have vetoed any other board appointment  as a waste of time but couldnt believe their luck when this one came up . 3 years of national  and they couldnt find something suitable before ..  quell horreur

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Sometimes ..arsehole…you lend a new and more intense definition to stupid!!!“The new agency will be established on 1 July and it will lead and deliver innovative, high quality and cost effective health promotion programmes,” says Mrs Goodhew…..NOTE it is a NEW agency, it is infact an ammalgamation of other agencies. So could NOT have appoint anyone to this agency over the last 3 years .BECAUSE……………………………….wait for it………………………………………..
      IT DIDN’T EXIST…please join hipkins on the shelf ….with the other house plants!!

      • Le Sphincter

        Le Horreur. That is the point if she really wanted a cushy extra gov job many others would do.

        But no she sits and waits …and waits…and waits ..lo and behold something comes up in realation to her current job. Shes in like a rat up a drainpipe

    • blokeinauckland

       sp. Quelle

      Mike Williams would be your example of someone with the obvious business experience to be on the boards of Genesis Power, Inst of Geological and Nuclear Sciences and Auckland Transport?

    • Tony Falkenstein

      Agree totally – all parties look after their own, but to appoint a perosn who works as a lobbyist for the sugar and fat-laden food and drink industry, as well as the booze industry, is corrupt.
      This appointment is a coup for the Food Industries Group.

      • Tony why don;t you tell us about your warehouse full of water coolers that you are trying to get paid for by getting health boards to subsidise them.

        It is admirable that you are trying to get people to drink water, but in case you didn’t notice every house has at least one tap with running water.

  • DavidW

    Never fear folks, Georgina Beyer is eagerly waiting in the wings and will be immediately available to fill the first six vacancies created by the next Labour Government.  One less on the dole eh?  About the best reason for voting Labour yet.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Is there a Mrs or Ms partner Hipkins or is he one of the Gay Brigade

    • Johnbronkhorst

      who’d have him???Gay or straight!

    • blokeinauckland

       Yep – his name is Helen

  • Michaelharford

    I’m with Hipkins on this one. It’s not like the Labour Party ever appointment Mike Williams to anything.

  • Ben

    The Raging Runga strikes again. I think the other salient consideration in this, is (and I am generalizing to  an extent) that by and large there are a far greater proportion of persons with links to the national party who have business and governance expertise and are in a position to contribute professionally to the 1000 or so types of state sector board, committee et al that are out there, conversely the labour party is awash with “intelligentsia morons” who are usually completely out of touch and believe their university/union/public sector committee and/or students association work counts as proper governance

  • Kthxbai

    The real crime is the way the Clark government stacked the Supreme Court.  That will stay with us for a good long time.

    • Bunswalla

      Define “good”

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Supree court – and the education sector.

      The sooner National sort that out the better…. and it all starts at Teacher Training College…

    • Le Sphincter

      Stackeed ? 
      How come the existing judges were just those allready there by seniority