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  • Le Sphincter

    So the leading blog has about 25% of the cume for  TVNZ7 ?

    Zut alorsI guess you wont be saying ‘no one watches that channel anymore ?

    • Be good if i had 25 % of the budget of TVNZ 7 then you’d see something different happening….

      Pretty good effort to have 35% of the cume of a WHOLE channel, just by myself…now compre the cume with Media 7 and see where that gets you.

      • Le Sphincter

        The NZ on air door is open.

        Just change the name to the WO and dont look back

      • Roland

         Nice effort Whale, first thing I do at work every morning over a Cuppa is read your Blog and find out the real truth. Got so annoyed with Garner and Pedro that I no longer watch, also, I am now a card carrying member of the Nats…Got the good news this morning, all thanks to stumbling on this site.

  • guest

    compare apples with apples then you may have a point.

  • Gazzaw

    Haven’t the socialists done well?

  • kaykaybee

    I’ve given up on number #3 on that list. If that’s representative of the thinking left then they’re buggered.

    Go the whale. Very impressive and well deserved.

    I wonder how often Matt Blomfield has page clicked ???

  • thor42

    Great stuff! Great to see DPF up there as well with KiwiBlog! 
    Goodness knows how The Stranded always gets in there.
    I’m sure someone must have a script that automatically generates page hits for them. It sure as hell can’t be the “content” – there isn’t any. 

    • ShaunHay

      More likely it’s right leaning people being directed there to see the left’s latest “bright idea”.

      • Mully

         The *exact* reason I refuse to go to Bradbury’s “blog” anymore. Used to go from time to time to have a good laugh, until I clicked that Bradbury would be counting that in his traffic.

      •  Bradbury has dropped down to about 12th, and he’s dragging his bottom lip about it #sookylala

      • Adybombs

        The Auckland Fucking Transport Blog is twice as popular as Bradbury!!!  Everything in it’s right place and people would rather read about traffic than any of his drivel 

  • Symgardiner

    Nice work. Please don’t sell your soul to NZ on Air. 

  • Rodger T

    All those gay marriage threads are worth their weight in traffic gold. : )

    • Someone gets it.

      • Philonholiday

        Just one thing Cam. Can you modify your mobile site to show the number if comments on each thread (like on the full website)? It is a right pain reloading a page, waiting for 3G to catch up, only to find there are no comments to read yet! Otherwise a great site and my early morning read. Cheers.

  • John Drinnan

    what’s the story with public address – not counted?

    •  Obviously either not using Sitemeter, or not prepared to allow open access to their stats. Those are Open Parachute’s stipulations.

    • Yes and really that is also DBD Bradbury’s problem…Open Parachute prefers either Statcounter or Sitemeter and for the counter to be public…standardisation means Apples can be compared with Apples.

  • Mediaan

    Remarkable. Well done. Good design too.

  • Rufus

    +1 Rodger T ‘s comment.

  • TravisPoulson

    Whaleoil: maybe you should send a link to Duncan Garner, since….you know…your readership is “in the dozens”.

  • Bunswalla

    You’re welcome

  • Cadwallader

    Congratulations….this site just gets better and better!

  • Roland

    Where’s Kosh? Still writing letters for his class to demand a referendum? At least they will look authentic with the grammatical and spelling mistakes… Talking absences, where is ‘Owl’ at the mo, hopefully researching something ‘juicy’