League tables and the media, Ctd

I’ve blogged at length about the low-life Perry Rush, principal of Island Bay school.

This NZPF/NZEI unionist and activist has been brainwashing parents for years but failed in his nasty little campaign against National Standards.

He also failed in his sneaky campaign to take over the school trustees association.

What a surprise that none of this was mentioned when both One and Three news gave Rush airtime last night as a concerned principal bleating about league tables. What does he have to hide about the performance of his school? And who paid for all of his flights when he went around the country campaigning against National Standards? Surely not his school with taxpayer money?

The NZEI, PPTA and NZPF need to stop telling us what they oppose…we get that they know everything about education and we are all naughty, stupid fools for wanting information.

They need to start telling us what they WILL do to assist parents in understanding how their children are doing at school and how their school compares with other similar schools in the area.


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  • Mark

    I have no problem with League tables but not until you have a properly moderated and consistent National standards system. Currently there is little consistency on the Tolley Standards application and testing methodology between schools so what is the point of a table that compares apples with oranges.

    • johnbronkhorst

      But weren’t the teachers saying…”we don’t need national standards, because we already have conformaty and consistancy of measurement”..So which is it, wait for National Standards or use the current system to measure it!???

    • kthxbai

      The rest of us have to live with blunt-instument assessment. If you don’t like it, take the initiative to try to improve the system once it’s introduced.

      If there’s litte consistency between schools, I assume it’s down to the non-cooperation many of the schools promised. If so, they need to be brought into line.

      • teachersrock

        There’s no consistency because the assessments aren’t moderated between schools, they are marked internally, schools are allowed to choose their own assessments and there is very little direction on the administration of each test. Worse than this the Ministry’s prized assessment (AsTTle) is crap – I’ve marked tests where children have skipped every question that wants them to write, shaded random boxes and the test says they are reading above their peers!!! Teachers tried to discuss this with the Ministry and Minister of Education but the so-called consultation turned out to be a complete sham. National Standards are still a complete cock-up (aspirational, not normed) and anything printed using them is only fit to be used for toilet paper.

        • patriot

          Teachers are being percieved as a bunch of self serving , moaning, dinosaurs that will prevent at all costs — the possibility of being measured or RATED.
          There are great Teachers that do a wonderful job — but their Union leaders are resisting & obstructing the schools being RANKED — when we, the Parents want to know — irrespective of some slight inconsistancy that Teachers would try to highlight , as a reason for NOT Rating the schools at all .
          Come on teachers — get professional , and accept being RANKED.
          Teachers are supposed to Teach — excuses about teachers being Social workers , providing lunch and shoes are an excuse for failing the 1st objective — of teaching those that want to be taught .
          Lunches and shoes are the Parents responsibility who must also be brought to account — cutting grog & fags for lunch money , springs to mind

    • Bunswalla

      Mark, you sound like Kosh but without the swearing. Going back to first principles, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. So let’s start measuring. It won’t be perfect – measurement systems very rarely are – but we need a starting point if we’re to aim at improving the educational achievement and standards we expect from our children, our teachers and our schools.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Teachers and their principles , need to remember,,,,They are EMPLOYEES, as in all other jobs, they DON’T get to tell the BOSS (head of MOE & minister) HOW they will do their JOB!!!When we have the results, re education achievement of the students, where we (society) want and need them to be, then and only then should we listen to the employees about how their job should be done!!!!!

  • Allan

    The sooner these 2 Unions are crushed the better. For far too long they have been given free reign to peddle their Socialist agenda at the expense of the education of the youth of the country. You only have to look at those leading the charge against any change such as Rush, Minto etc to see why they are so against any change. It would mean that their hidden agenda of brain washing the youth with their twisted ideals would be stopped in its tracks.

  • Phar Lap

    The irony of all this debate on League tables ,they are readily available for anyone who wants to apply to Education Dept.Last night the pathetic Liebour TVNZ,news tried to invent a story that John Key was going to make League Tables compulsory.FFS they are already public property.What is with the useless lying, craven cowardly misleading reporting taxpayer funded sickos.

  • PauliePaul2012

    Scoop is running an oline poll on this. I just received in my email that has been sent to 100s principals urging them all to jump online and skew the results of the poll. Typical. You would think we have more imporatnt things to do. (i’m on a lunch break BTW).

    • la la land

      cant find that poll…

  • All schools carry out STAR and PAT testing and as someone else pointed out you can get it from MOE anytime.

    • PauliePaul

      Not entirely true – there are other options. What is your point?

  • chrish4

    Some educational NZEI/PPTA type genius was on Radio Live yesterday saying how unfair League Tables would be, and how they would distort results… He said if schools were judged on them then individually they would just change the curriculem around so they focused on the few things that were measured, and all the other “good stuff” would go out the window… Seems they would then simply focus on measured results – useless things like literacy and numeracy… Strangely enough I was left wondering how that could possibly be a BAD thing??!