Lock him up

The crushed boy racer just doesn’t know when to shut up.

His father is in the paper saying he is learning from this lesson.

Yet a quick look at his Facebook page reveals he and his odious buddies all want to “F*** The Police”

That should go down well when he appears soon for sentencing on his fourth strike.


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  • Scanner

    Stop pissing about with these little arseholes, CAT make an excellent line of wheel loaders, crush their cars on the side of the road, and then load them out to the scrappy.
    The other thing that will start to happen is finance companies may start to look a little harder when property they have an interest in is reduced to $300 a tonne, it might just start to make them take a second look before signing paper for these little shits, it’s a fucking sight harder to do burnouts when your sole transport is a no 42 bus, and it’s being driven by someone else.

  • Shaun

    I love how ‘Chaz Booth’ thinks he is a “tallented” photographer…

  • grunta

    they shoulda put the young cunt in the car first …..then crushed it

    • Guest

      So a death sentence for being young and stupid.
      Hell you will have to kill almost every tee in the country.

  • Guest

    Anyone who thinks this has taught this fine lad anything is a fool.