Looks like a top read


This book from James Delingpole looks like a good read, I think I might buy a copy.

Watermelons: How the Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children’s Future

The shocking story of how an unholy mix of junk science, green hype, corporate greed and political opportunism led to the biggest and most expensive outbreak of mass hysteria in history. Watermelons explains the Climategate scandal, the cast of characters involved, their motives and methods. He delves into the background of the organisations and individuals who have sought to push global warming to the top of the political agenda, showing that beneath their cloak of green lurks a heart of red. Watermelons shows how the scientific method has been sacrificed on the altar of climate alarmism. Delingpole mocks the green movement s record of apocalyptic predictions, reveals the fundamental misanthropy of green ideology, and gives a refreshing voice to widespread public skepticism over global warming, emphasising that the crisis has been engineered by people seeking to control our lives by imposing new taxes and regulations. Your taxes will be raised, your liberties curtailed and your money squandered to deal with this crisis, he writes. Delingpole argues that climate change is an ideological battle, not a scientific one. Green on the outside, red on the inside, the libertyloathing, humanity-hating watermelons of the modern environmental movement do not want to save the world. They want to rule it.



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  • Alan

    I got the ebook a few weeks back, its very good. nice and factual, but still funny. only downside is that a huge amount of the book is taken up with the references section. which is good for the fact that it shows he actually has references, but it does mean the book finishes before you expect it.

    • CD

      Agree with Alan. I also got it as an ebook and read while in Australia recently (shame Delingpole didn’t come to NZ on his recent down under trip). Well worth it and an easy read.

  • phronesis
  • ConwayCaptain

    Same agendas as the EU

  • tarkwin

    The problem is climate change etc is the new religion of the greens and other left leaning social engineering apologist rif-raf. And lets face it, religious zealots have never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I hope John Key comes to his senses and drops the crap ETS con scheme devised by the toxic Greens and implemented by the brainless Labourers

  • fozzie

    Why do these loons always have book titles that go on forever ….

    • Sid

      To impress the loons who read them.

  • Sid

    Want to see how good he is… have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuQLvK6kxeU

    • Magoo

      I think what Delingpole is trying to express in this interview is that if the emails of his ‘consensus’ doctors that diagnosed him with cancer were leaked and showed that they’d falsified data, suppressed opposing diagnoses, fiddled the data to suit a pre-conceived idea, spliced his medical records with that of another patient, and flat out bullshitted, then he’d more than likely reject their ‘consensus’ diagnosis for what it is – a pack of lies designed to bring them a financial advantage

      • Sid

        Yeah but he did it looking like a fucking twat.

        • Magoo

          Not as bigger twat as the guys caught out in the climategate emails though. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • Riskit

            Read wikipedia on it. I think you will find they have been cleared more than once. It’s like if you say it often enough it will become true… but it doesn’t.

          • CD

            Yes but being cleared by yourselves and friends doesn’t really clear the hurdle of “proof” does it. Actually it doesn’t even make it to reasonably honest. If it’s so hard then why not just show everyone your raw data and let them see how you came to the conclusions?

          • Sid

            Just shows you have not read the facts. No friends involved… the inquires were independent. All the scientists still work there. No story

          • CD

            Why has Aussie Bureau of Meteorology just chucked out all their data? Why does NZ not have an “official” data set any more? Answer = cannot make the data fit the bullshit predetermined conclusions. When I was a post graduate biological science student I don’t recall cherry picking data being included in my education.
            The so called investigations (esp. relating to the East Anglia CRU) involved people with clear bias. In one case laughably so.
            If you’re right why doesn’t someone just sue Delingpole or Monckton (or Al Gore debate someone….anyone)?
            Still, I enjoyed your Monty Pythonesque “Nothing to see here…” I can just imagine John Cleese in the policeman’s uniform.

          • Alf2

            Let’s see who wins the NIWA court case

          • CD

            Good idea! Can’t disagree with that.
            Since the NZ data affects predictions for the pacific etc, let’s NOT spend trillions of dollars and give the UN a worldwide mandate to control global taxation UNTIL we have put the data itself, the collection techniques and the questionable (nay – scientifically dishonest) interpretations under the scrutiny of objective evaluation though – eh?
            The problem is some people want to believe in AGW so much they have corrupted the process.
            You really think NIWA can “win” when the urban heat bias is removed along with the stations they omitted because they didn’t agree with trends? Australia and the US have the same problems.

          • Alf

            But when NIWA DO WIN you will find a reason to ignore the outcome.

          • Magoo

            Actually the enquiries avoided any of the inconvenient questions, and ignored all critics of the email authors. Lucky we all have the actual words of the ‘scientists’ themselves in writing as evidence which are damning without a doubt – you should try reading some of them.



  • kapow

    Read it. Brilliant! Kindle is best value, about $10 US