Loon has a crack as party of loons


I normally don’t take any notice of what Gareth Morgan has to say but he is bang on the money with these comments about the Green party:

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Gareth Morgan has taken a swipe at the Green Party and some conservationists.

He says that the majority of New Zealanders see them as “lefties”, “extremists” or “nutters,” which in the long run is holding back their cause of protecting the environment.

“We still have a Green Party that refuses to go into coalition with National. What the hell is that about? Is this a party concerned with conservation? Or is it a far-left group using conservation as a Trojan horse for another agenda?”

At Forest and Bird’s conference, Face up to the Future, Morgan also took aim at some conservationist groups he calls the “green extreme” or “loony left”.

In particular, he says that their opposition to mining and fracking is not evidence-based, and fails to consider employment and the economy.

“If you’re pro-conservation the problem here is you’re increasingly being regarded as anti-economic growth. That is not a constructive position to take. It needlessly alienates huge numbers of people,” Morgan said.


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  • Alex

    Good grief, I spilt my tea — I actually agree with Morgan!

    • Troy

      Me too. The Green’s are going thru an identity crisis. On the one hand appealing to tree-hugging smiley “please don’t hurt the bush” bunch of wackos, to a party that thinks they know something about economics. They need to decide… .oh and also, how about them winning an electorate seat in the future? What’s up with that?

      • thesorrow&thepity

        I remember the Tamihere interview in Investigate saying how easy it was for the likes of Cullen to manipulate them. There’s definitely still a strong chorus of tree huggers in that party who are just plain naive. There’s also a few like Norman who bitterly remember being Labours little bitch & how Clark played them like a fiddle

  • Redbaiter

    “In particular, he says that their opposition to mining and fracking is
    not evidence-based, and fails to consider employment and the economy.”

    Morgan implies that the Greens do not understand the ramifications of their actions.

    This is wrong.

    The Watermelons are part of an extreme left global political faction that wants to destroy the current economic system so that they can then rebuild it in a way they think is better.

    They are deliberate saboteurs. They want to destroy our economy. They know well what they are doing and what the long term effects will be. They are working to a plan.

    • tony

      Agreed – they are all believers in Cloward and Piven who proposed that the best way to destroy the west is to overwhelm the social security system. Their philosophy uses the “you owe me’ arguments of the anti-neo colonialists (Maori / negro / American indian / black african radicals, Jane Kelsey, Margaret Motu, general fuckwits) and carries the outcome of one world government ruled by elites (shared with the global warming, greenpeace and maxist conspirators

  • Michael

    Basically he is just describing how everyone, except the Green Party themselves, see them. If even the Maori Party can see the bigger picture and figure out its better to get some of your policies in place than none, surely GP folk can put down their fiction books on Global Warming and do the same.

    • Thesorrow&thepity

      Exactly! not only that but in working with the Nats the greens would end up taking more votes from Labour, plus some of the old grey haired hippy loons would leave the green party. If Nats had to bend on some social issues in order to get through some core economic policies it would also take away from Labour their given that they’d automatically have the greens as their little coalition bitch, thus further marginalizing Labour

  • Ross

    If only someone in the MSM would expose what is being proposed / discussed at the Rio+20 talkfest next week they would see that Redbaiter is correct. In the name of “sustainability” they want the UN to take control .
    Many would think this is conspiracy theory nonsense — Lord Monckton raised the issue of people pushing for Global Government before the Copenhagen talkfest. Everyone thought he was an absolute nutter. But they are talking about it “in the open” even in the MSM.

    • Redbaiter

      Forget the MSM, they’re all treasonous global Marxists and part of the plan.

  • Liberty

    Is this the same chap who spent thousands on some old bird. To get warm fussy points from the leftie
    Media. Whereas the old bird should off
    been taken down to the local soap kitchen for the poor to eat.

  • MrV

    Just when you thought Morgan was lost forever …

    He should also point out the hyposcrisy of the Greens environmental concern, which never seems to stop them jetting off all over the place on junkets. Gareth-Ronald Hughes-McDonald being candidate #1.

  • jabba

    when I saw this on telly last night I couldn’t believe that someone has finally gone on national TV and said what so many have been saying for years .. I hope this is just the start

  • jabba

    I keep wondering what Rod Donald and Fitzy would/must think about the direction the Gweens are going these days

  • blade97

    It would be an interesting exercise for someone to establish how many of these Bloody Tree Hugging green rubbers, and flange pounders, actually have real jobs where they need and have to go to work for 40 hours a week to actually support their families and put food on the table. Instead of burbling their bloody dreams and aspirations. There are far to many of them that suffer from too much “Gland in the Hand”. Mind you I learned a long time ago that “opinions cost nothing and that is generally what they are worth in the scheme of reality.”

  • Vlad

    I care a lot about NZ’s environment. It is very sad that this ground has been captured by a movement that bundles this with a set of unwanted left policies and a willingness to have our citizens sacrifice our land for a global gaia fantasy. National should adopt honest conservatism.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I was at a conference/junket in Queenstown many many years ago and Gareth Morgan was the guest dinner speaker. At first I wondered who this strange awkward fool was. After a while, what he was saying made a lot of sense and everyone, in the room, hang off his every word. After that I had a lot of time for him and valued his views on economics. This changed in the latter days of the Clark Government when he supported some dribble the Government was spouting and it was wrong, you could see the look on his face that it was wrong, but he backed Clark up. After becoming rich and famous I felt he had lost his way. So it was good to see a little bit of the old Gareth Morgan shine through, with some good old common sense. Not that the Greens would have been paying any attention.