Mission to Mars?


Could be a bit boring to start with, but at least no one would bug you. Though, I ahve to point out that if the muzak in the modules was like on the video then there would be potential for one of those space murder mysteries:

Step one: send a communications satellite to Mars in 2016. Step two: follow up with a Red Planet rover in 2018, which will trawl the dusty landscape, scoping out some of the best spots to found a colony. Step three, in 2020: send infrastructure for the colonists to live in, including solar panels and machines that will convert the Martian elements into water and oxygen.

Only then, on the surprisingly specific date of September 14, 2022, will Mars One launch its first four astronauts. Their journey to the new colony will take ten months, though they will have been preparing for a decade. Most of that prep time, we hope, will be spent figuring out how not to kill someone when you have to live in extremely close quarters for the better part of a year and none of you can take a shower.

Landsdorp plans to send another couple of adventurous astronauts to join the colony every two years, but the idea is that no one gets a return journey. This is a permanent base, a Plymouth Rock in an entirely new world that will begin the long, slow and painstaking process of terraforming it.


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  • thor42

    Certainly *extremely* bold, and good luck to them!
    I can’t help being sceptical that it’ll work, though. Finding six or so people willing to go on a one-way trip to Mars?
    Stuck there for ever, and likely to be driven insane by one or more of the others? (That’s **bound** to happen, too.).
    There is no doubt that the mission is technically possible – the rockets, habitats etc – that’s the relatively-easy part.
    The really difficult part would be the *people*.

  • James Gray

    I’ll go if there’s broadband there, but at 4 to 13 light minutes away, it could be interesting. Maybe a bit of caching marsside…

  • Orange

    Europe rockets go bang on launch or bang on landing and in video the main reason for going seems to be “would be a great media event.” Too funny.