National has a similar problem

The Telegraph

The biggest mistake made by the Tory leadership has been to conclude that the Left’s social agenda represents the centre ground. While this might be the message they are receiving from the focus groups, that is only because voters are not being offered a coherent and convincing alternative world view on which to make a considered judgment. When decisive action is taken that does not conform to the way things have been done for years, the voter response is telling. It is no coincidence that the one time the Conservative vote rose above 40 per cent in the past year was when David Cameron opted out of the EU fiscal pact agreed last December.

Wouldn’t it be good to hear John Key stand up and give a speech told us what he actually stands for. And not something Farrared to death with research, just providing a convincing argument for a major policy change that he believes in.


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  • captain Kidd


  • Bawaugh

    His welfare card for young dole recipients idea last year was great, but that is fading from memory. 

    Doing this would not hurt. Or at least have a slogan like Helen’s “Closing the Gaps” which was great until they realized they were trying to spend like Australia without generating Australia’s income. 

  • captain Kidd

    Seems to me he has an app on his smart phone that allows him to enter a problem and it gives him how many votes its likely to win/lose.

  • The problem is key doesn’t really believe in anything, so how could he ever stand up and tell us what it is?

    The founding principles of the National Party would be a good place for any leader of the National Party to start, but Key has betrayed these principles a hundred times over.

    • Richard McGrath

      RB is right. Key is a wishy-washy Labour-lite power luster who would never in four or five terms as PM even consider doing what needs to be done: abolishing greenist-appeasing legislation such as the RMA and acknowledging that the global warming hypothesis is a crock of shit; privatising social welfare; giving the economy a massive boost by slashing taxes and abolishing the IRD. Instead of which we will shortly see RMA-worshipping Green MP Nick Smith reinstated to Cabinet. 

  • Apolonia

    People who don’t stand for something, will fall for anything. But they can always smile and wave.

  • Vikingonmars

    Well Key could start be reintroducing youth rates and  putting the axe into about a thousand quangos.

  • farmboy

    he believes in making money for this country from mining,floating power companies to give the average nzer something to invest in,keeping farmers out of the ets untill our competitures are in something similar and most important keeping labour the greens and winstin out of power to name a few things

    • Richard McGrath

      Then for fuck’s sake can he please get on with it and stop pissing around.

  • jay cee

    key is typical national the reason the right stay in power so long is because they can shift their policies to fit the current mood of the nation. the hekia parroter flip flop being a case in point.
    hence the reason labour and the greens have a hard row to hoe being hampered by what the right call “all that vision stuff”