National Selection FAQ, Ctd

In other words you are campaigning for the party vote for free.
How about those in the seats National is lending to Act and United? Do they get any benefits?

No, you are not campaigning for the party vote for free. You are paying dearly for the privilege of selling National’s policies both in terms of lost income and the inevitable “victory fund” tax you will be forced to pay because the National Party is tits at fundraising.

As far as seats lent to ACT and United you get some benefit by getting into parliament but as a scum list MP you serve at the party’s pleasure meaning they can give you the arse whenever they like, or do what they have done to Katrina Shanks and left her wallowing on the back benches.

That said Katrina Shanks, though earnest, isn’t much chop and is likely to get the arse card through a low list ranking next time round.


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