National Selection FAQ, Ctd

Aspiring candidates should fact check my statements with successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Should I expect dirty tricks and unethical behaviour during selection?

Yes. Selections in Rodney, Epsom, Coromandel and Palmerston North all had allegations of unethical behaviour from other candidates or people in the party hierarchy.

The Rodney selection was covered in depth on Whaleoil and can be followed here. In that case one candidate and electorate chair were ham-fisted in attempting to rig the selection by signing up a lot of $5 members from some fundy churches at the last minute so they could stack the delegates. Board members also meddled in this selection so  much so that it had to be re-cast after they all got busted.

In other selections board members were involved in distributing online material about candidates opposing their choice, and often using it out of context. The was also messages to delegates about appropriateness of having a woman with young children as a candidate, or it was “time for a man” and other unsavoury factors including regional chairs appointing top up delegates and telling them one candidate was useless. This breach of ethics by senior party officials does not reflect well on National.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Havent you forgotten one, where the selected candidate  was deselected.
    2008 Selwyn election !!
    All candidates bar one were rejected, who just happened to be current Minister David Carter

    Roger Payne said in his submission to  Parliament on electoral reform:

    I have had extensive
    experience with the issue of candidate selection fixing in the National Party
    in four Canterbury electorates since 2002.  

    At the National Party
    Rangitata 2008 Electorate meeting in Hinds, mid-Canterbury to arrange General
    Election matters, attended by about 40 people including me and some prospective
    candidates, the National Canterbury Regional Chairman ruled that there would be
    only one candidate, Jo Goodhew.

       Rakaia 2002 was my first exposure to political party candidature.  The seat was vacant because of the retirement
    of National’s Jenny Shipley.  My career
    in the public service, starting with the Diplomatic Service, had prevented me
    from political party membership.  The
    membership requirement was waived under rules by the National Party Board for
    me to contest Rakaia and John Key to contest Helensville.  My nominators included Jenny Shipley (who
    nominated more than one person), Sir Alan Wright, former President of Federated
    Farmers, and Professor John Mander, Engineering Faculty, Canterbury University.

    Two other strong candidates and myself were then
    rejected without reason and without a chance to compete in front of voting
    delegates.  It became apparent that one
    candidate, Brian Connell, was becoming the subject of selection fixing.

    • Roger Payne is a vexatious litigant and was treated as such by the courts. Fo fuck off with that example. Choose a better one.

      • Le Sphincter

        But Carter, was prima facie, involved in selection fixing , non ?

  • Parlyspooter

    As a former electorate chair, I wanted consistecy of candidate so as to build brand awareness.  When requesting nominations be submitted I put the advert in the personal columns next to the ads for escorts.  I figured it would be a brave wanna-be-candidate that would annouce “While reading the personal columns I saw…”

    I also made sure that the two week nomination period fell between scheduled electorate meetings.  At the first I annouced that the nominations would be sought in the coming weeks and at the second annouced that no nominations, bar one, had been received the advertised period.