Not a 777

NZ Herald

Perhaps the Herald might like to invest in some of those Australian sub-editors that Fairfax is letting go.

They run a whole story about Emirates and bigger screen TVs in their 777 planes and run the story with a photo of an A380.


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  • TravisPoulson

    One word: fail. 

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Photo supplied + no ability to think/check for themselves = churnalist.

      Shame it wasn’t a picture of a microlight… haha

      • TravisPoulson

        Yes I could imagine the accompanying headline of a picture of a microlight:

        “CIA Drone Spotted Doing Reconnaissance Over North Shore Aerodrome”

      • Gazzaw

        Aussie subby?

  • Sthnjeff


  • Blokeintakapuna

    …and where are the apostrophe’s for “TV’s” and for “777’s”?

    …maybe outsourcing to Manila might get betterish ingrish maybe?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      as an aside – a pilot friend says all the A380 pilots call it “the vagina” because it’s not that pretty to look at – but it’s really quite comfortable once inside!

      I told him he needs to find better looking Va J J’s and stop hanging around Labour Party conferences!

      • Le Sphincter


      • TravisPoulson

        Le sphincter:

    • Bunswalla

      Bloke, you might need some engerish lesson yourself mate. No need for an apostrophe in TVs, 777s — and especially not apostrophe’s. You don’t put apostrophes in plurals, unless they’re also possessives e.g. Emirates’ new Boeing (Airbus).

      • jonno1

        Whoops! Didn’t scroll down far enough to see you’d already covered this Bunswalla.

    • jonno1

      At least that’s one thing they did get right… they even managed to put the apostrophe in the right place in Emirates.

  • Mara

    and go and have a look at the article about a guy getting winched from mud in the Tamaki Estuary. It is accompanied by a picture of  what must be a boiling Rotorua hot pool

    • TravisPoulson

      Yes, I saw that geyser. Doesn’t quite fit with the story that happened in…..wait for it…..tidal mud flats.

      The Horrid is actually getting worse, as impossible as one would have thought it was.

      • WayneO

        Methinks they must have a LOT of young, under paid, recent graduate churnalists. These rookie errors are the classic symptom of hiring those who are still ‘green’.

  • 4077th

    Image courtesy wikipedia: Boeing 777 300ER

    • Bunswalla

      Bet that didn’t take you long to find, Radar. I emailed the Horrid to point out that it was an Airbus A380 and they politely replied:

      We are aware of the difference, but
      do not have any photos of an Emirates Boeing 777 in our system, so had to use
      the next best thing. Trust us, we tried.

      Thanks for your feedback.”

      • TravisPoulson

        Seriously? they actually said that? what a bunch of dumb/useless cunts. You should have asked them about the Tamaki Estuary geyser as well.

      • Mediaan

        No phone either evidently.

  • Islandguy

    Shouldn’t that be Emirate’s new Boeing, or Emirates’ new Boeings

    • Bunswalla

      No it shouldn’t. Emirates is plural and ends in an ‘s’ so you put the apostrophe after the ‘s’. Whether the object (the Boeing) is plural is irrelevant i.e. Emirates’new Boeing or Emirates’ new Boeings.

      • Gazzaw

        You are 100% correct Buns. ‘Emirates’ being the shortened version of ‘United Arab Emirates’.

  • Islandguy

    Ok, well I guess I stand corrected.
    Obviously yous are not teacher’s’ with grammar that good… lol
    I’ve flown up to Dubai on the 380, and back on the 777, both awesome aircraft and a great Airline.
    Also lived in an apartment opposite one of the Emirates’ crew buildings in Tecom -. Heaven! 

  • Rightoverlabour

    herald are full of it. Google “Emirates 777” images .They did not try.  And we should not trust them – ever. In fact, Boeing should sue them.

  • davewin

    Where did they put the phallic apparatus? They may need Dio to help them out.