Not a good look

Not really a good look for a firm that is suppose to specialise in PR and government lobbying firm to mistakenly send an email to all their clients inviting them to hear Hon David Shearer speak.

Either they’re not as politically insightful as they make out, or maybe this outfit works for the National Party President and hands out Honourable all the time.

The Government Relations and Advocacy team at Network Communication are hosting a political breakfast with Hon David Shearer and would like to invite you to join us.


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  • Fozzie

    Haa Haa – maybe they are just ‘reading the tea leaves … might be the Rt Hon before much longer – given the tatters this government is in … how many more botch ups can they chalk up this week !!

    • Troy

      What’s not a good look is that Andrew Little has now become the mouthpiece for Mallard – who is now communicating directly (smiling and winking whilst on camera) with the media in the debating chamber while Little is on his feet .  Watch this  Little has become the Mallard of the future and what a cunt he is.

  • Simple typo – the only reference to Hon in the email…..smack on the butt for whoever gave o/k for it to go.

    • TravisPoulson

      Typo? That’s not a typo. Do you know what a typo is? I do, and that isn’t one. It’s a misinformed cock up.

      •  Yeah I no what a tiepo is tavis and I till think it’s was one…

      • TravisPoulson

        And you’d still be wrong NEIL :) It was clearly deliberate, not a slip of the finger(s). 

        ” the only reference to Hon in the email”

        Even if he was “Hon”, really, they’re not going to call him ‘Hon David Shearer’ every time they mention his name. Pretty sure JK isn’t referred to as Prime Minister at every mention of his name. 

      • Guest

        Once in the whole thing is a misinformed cock up in your eyes?? Well the whole ACC mess and classroom size mess must be an amazing massive nothing in the history of the world was bigger cluster fuck in your eyes Travis. 

      • TravisPoulson

        Only this post isn’t about ACC and classroom sizes is it, Guest. 

      • Other guest

        Of course its not a typo, and If you think bigger classes but better teaching and the ACC fiasco iis the biggest mess thats ever happened in this country I suggest you crawl back under your rock wow

      • Guest

        Nice weasel words Travis. 

      • TravisPoulson

        Go and have a cry Guest. 

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    As Sheep Shearer will be the PM in 2014 (according to the over charged lefties and the TV stations), they are practising now….

  • Luke

    The guy takes an MBE but wants a republic? What a twat.

  • Gazzaw

    Shouldn’t he turn in his MBE? An ardent socialist republican flaunting the trappings of colonialism & privilege.  

    • Jester

      Perhaps he could hang it on the wall of his bach that he doesn’t own, which is on the $7m beachfront property in Northland that he doesn’t own.

      QV Property ownership details and 2009-2010 Percuniary Interest data seem to be in conflict.