Not dickheads, just blokes

Sydney Morning Herald

The two Aussie swimmers busted for posing with guns have found a political defender in Bob Katter. They aren’t dickheads, they are just blokes being blokes:

Bob Katter says Australia’s “thought police have gone too far” in pillorying our Olympic swimmers for being pictured with legal firearms.

Mr Katter, the member for Kennedy, stepped in to defend controversial Sunshine Coast swimmer Nick D’Arcy saying political correctness has gone too far when men have to “apologise for being men”, reports The North West Star.

Mr Katter took aim at the “thought police” for the criticism of D’Arcy and fellow Olympian Kenrick Monk, after the pair were criticised when Monk posted a photo on Facebook of the pair branding firearms in a United States gun shop.

The Australian Olympic Committee has decided D’Arcy and Monk should be punished by exiting the London Games when their events finish after the first week, rather than stay with the team for the full Games.

However, this website understands Swimming Australia will not further sanction the pair when it makes a statement this afternoon.

The swimmers were remorseful when they confronted the media at Brisbane Airport last week after flying home from a three-week training camp in the US.

But Mr Katter said the criticism of the swimmers behaviour, who he describes as “sporting heroes”, was offensive to responsible gun users.

“What have we become, when two Australian Olympic Swimmers can been vilified for being photographed with legal firearms in the US?’ he said.

“Are we serious? The real crime here is the ‘thought police’ stripping us of the right for boys to be boys.

“Will they finally be happy when men can only be photographed at a day spa carrying their designer chihuahua in a designer Louis Vuitton doggy handbag?

“It’s about time men stop being made to feel like they should apologise for being men.”


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  • Mickrodge

    Look, Katter raises a few valid points but what he (and you Whale) are neglecting to point out is that these two have got a bit of form in the “dickhead stakes” & as such are probably on some sort of good behaviour bond with the AOC or whatever the fuck they call themselves.

    Rightly or wrongly a picture like this in the media, given the two individuals involved is not a good look for our cousins in Canary Yellow hence their reaction. I don’t think it’s PC gone mad & I certainly don’t think you can compare it with professional shooters of any ilk.

    I wonder how the NZRFU & the media  would react if Zac Guildford posted a picture of himself holding a beer bong?

    • TravisPoulson

      Whatever they’ve done before doesn’t matter, and they didn’t do anything wrong. You might think it’s “not a good look” but I doubt many other people see it that way. Sure as hell doesn’t bother me. Just a major case of overbearing preciousness. 

    • Disinfectedtwice

       So they have “a bit of form” so what, does that mean they get vilified for a picture holding firearms in a Gun Shop. Each to his own pal. F****** thought police.

    • Pukakidon

       This is the problem now days there are too many judgmental people around just waiting to whack the tall poppy.   Just young guys having a bit of fun.    Better than the holier than thou wet blankets with no personality that seem so prevalent now.   Yes we no they have been in trouble before but I hardly think this is serious.  

      At least there is someone left with a spine in Australia to stick up for these guys.

      I can take heart that young fellas are not all a bunch of lady boys.


    • Phronesis

      Dickhead stakes? Like that All Black who was shooting protected marine mammals from a former All Black coaches boat?

    • Onetrack

      This is definitely PC gone mad.

    • Mooloo

        Travis form doe’s count. This meat head finished the Olympic dream of a fellow athlete at the last games when he smashed his jaw finishing his career. I don’t know many country’s where he would get a second chance. As for Bob Katter ( mad as a cut snake) 
      But it proves once and for all that sports people are not role models, but come in many shapes and sizes including dickheads.

      • Bat Crazy

        D’arcy king-hit a fellow swimming team member and broke his jaw and eye-socket.  His rich (surgeon) father managed to keep him out of prison.  The AOC had him on a short leash, and now he gets to experience the consequences.  He does not have a lot os sympathy here.

    • Johnny58

      Well said Mickrodge. It’s not PC gone made, it’s a couple of errant dickheads. Ironically Australia is happy to overlook the type of person to become an Olympic athlete, as long as they have a chance of winning a nice shiny medal. Just like China, but with less rice and random arrests..

  • TravisPoulson

    This whole thing was a bit over the top. I couldn’t really give a flying fuck what antics they’ve been up to in the past, it’s irrelevant. They didn’t break any laws, just a bit of fun gone tits-up because some PC pricks are a bit precious. I don’t care who is funding them, it’s just communism in action. No cunt can go out and have any fun for fear of what people will think/react. 

    • Ford

      rather aggressive there travis

      • TravisPoulson

        Not really Ford, as opposed to you I’m not frothing out the mouth abusing/calling names to anyone that responds to me. 

      • Ford

        smashing your keyboard with the previous post i think and only to those that use abusive terms and as you havent then i wont

      • TravisPoulson

        Keyboard is fine mate, but thanks for the concern. I’ll pass it on to my laptop.

    • Adolf Fiinkensein

       You might think differently if you knew there was at least one previous serious assault.

      In my view that should have been grounds for suspension though, not this nonsense.

      • TravisPoulson

        Not likely Adolf. as I said in my previous comment, what they’ve done previously is irrelevant, and they broke no laws. 

  • Chris

    This was a major story on all the Aussi TV News Channels  for 4 days.

    I couldn’t believe the fuss.

    • Pukakidon

       It seems to be getting worse in Australia with the increase of the PC holier than thou twats seeming to be getting all the attention.   It was one of the things I liked about the Aussies, they never used to judge others and class meant nothing.

      A shame really

      • TravisPoulson

        Imagine if they had flopped the johnson out and posted it on twitter/facebook, the PC brigade would have imploded.

  • Rightoverlabour

    And people still want to live in Aus? The thought police are far worse there than here in NZ.

    • MrV

      NZ is far further along because of the sistahood, they’re just getting started in Aussie under Juliar.

  • Greg

    They were photographed holding legal firearms in a gun shop for gods sake, what’s the problem? Good on The Mad Katter for sticking it up the PC brigade.

  • Ford

    D’Arcy assaulted a formwer teammate..the wanker probably deserved it..everyone has a past and everyone has a skeleton..if the truth was found out about alot of sportspeople there probably wouldnt be  games events..pc gone mad..pc= pathetic crap

    • Pukakidon


      Some people just need to be given a good thrashing once in a while.   I have given a few and had a few, assault now days can take many forms and the world is full of sissies.  I am sure he was punished if it was required to be heard by a court.

      I don’t know why he gave that guy a hiding but I am sure he deserved it.

      • Ford

        people dont usually punch another for no reason at all and im sure an olmpic class athlete wouldnt react like that unless provoked

  • farmboy

    the problem is the media they make such a fuckn fuss about shit and replay it over and over again untill an organization or political party or whoever has to face up and take a drastic action agaist whoevers in the shit in the hope it will stop the bad press but even that dosnt really work the media must know there a pack of wankers

  • Australians and swimmers hell you wouldn’t bet against them, politically correct bullshit. I assume the Australian Olympic Committee gets taxpayer funding and are worried about the fun police threatening it.

  • Gulag1917

    The Australian army might need the guys one day so what is the problem’

  • Spiker

    If being photographed in the presence of legal firearms is so un PC these days I am pleased to offer to members of the Whale Army the opportunity to be photographed with a selection of evil black rifles, shotguns & pistols. This would make an excellent family portrait or Christmas card. :-)

  • Bob

    I initially thought this was PC madness gone wrong but went and looked him up on wiki'Arcy

    He has a lot of history and I guess he was on a very short leash where if he put one foot half way out of line for anything he was gone. Reading his history he probably wouldn’t have made it to the games anyway, would have done something sometime. If the AOC is going to make rules about his behaviour then with this guys form they would have to stick to their guns.