Pearl Going is a Faker,Ctd

The never ending fake saga of Pearl Going just keeps on giving.

She now has a Wikipedia page which is really an infomercial about herself. It is clearly written by her or someone associated with her, such is her shamelessness.

She conveniently re-writes history and ignores all the other facts about her life of fantasy:

Fact of Crap – Pearl Going – What ever did happen to the “Clean Jeans” and the “Pleather Hand Bags”?

Then there was the magical Waiheke Island Mystery Tour as originally blogged by Issac Likes.

Her attempted con on Kaimata Lodge

I note she originates from Whangarei….so does another fantasist, I just bet they are pals.

Pearl Going aka Sián-Pearl Going is an elaborate fraud. It says on her Wiki page:

During her early to mid twenties Going stepped away from public life.

Yeah that coincided with me telling the truth about her bullshit.

She may well be climbing those mountains and if she is then all power to her, hopefully she has mended her lying ways, but from the look of her Wiki page it would appear not.


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  • Guest

    Thats a real shame as her family are good people. Wiki page is a tad cringeworthy, nice blue eyes sexy woman ffs!

  • BD

    If you look at footnote 12 on the Wiki page and read the self promotion article written by the pig in knickers from the NZ Horrid, the comments written there are again more self promotion. Love the bit about the luminous skin, can only wonder what Pearl is using.

    • RightNow

      Pearl jam

  • bobby202

    She traversed Mt Kilimanjaro? Seriously? If true it’s about the only thing she’s done in her life worth noting.

    • 4days is crazy

      She was the first NZ’der to climb the North Face of Elbrus and if you read climbed Acongua from the South pretty much the hardest way to climb both mountains and look at her!!!!!!!!! girliest fucking mountain climber i’ve ever seen WTF are you on about Kili isn’t technical traversing is not hard unless you do it in 4 days like she did clearly she is nutz!

  • Scanner

    If you could get past the bullshit I reckon it would be a half good shag, certainly one you could skite about to your mates at the pub afterwards.

    • Pleased

      You and me both pal whoarrrrrr horny just looking at it

    • Elaycee

      ‘…skite about to your mates’? WTF? You have to be joking! Where is your pride?
      I wouldn’t go near it – even I was wearing a full face helmet and a triple layer condom. The dopey skank has a face like a buggered bucket and an intellect to match.

      • Guest

        Elaycee – you sound a wee bit green? We mean are fickle creatures when it comes to eye candy.

  • Malcolm

    Wondered when she would crop up again. Well done on sniffing this fake out

  • tarkwin

    It’s starting to get embarassing living up here.

    • Guest

      Hmmmmm I agree, Winnie, Hone,Shane Jones, Blomfield,Whimp,Going and Kosh anyone else we should be weary of?

      • tarkwin

        Dover Samuels, Margaret Mutu and Morris Cutforth the mayor of Whangarei who thinks Stalin was the father of democracy and aspires to follow in his foot steps.

        • Ronnie Chow

          An acquaintance of mine who worked for Dover ,once was snorkeling behind him whilst he filled his bag with undersized Paua . Irrelevant , but relevant to his opinion of fairness nonetheless .

  • malcolm

    Sponsors include “Addias and Sony”. Wonder if they could confirm that.

  • Over it

    Aim higher Cameron. Pearl Going is climbing mountains, get over it. Move on, as for the rest of you? What would you know of her apart from what Cameron hypes up? Do you know how tough mountain climbing is? I notice how your stance has changed from she didn’t climb a mountain to ‘if she is?’. I think the team at Adventure Consultants would have a better idea about Pearl Going than Cameron. As for the comments about the Going family, yes they are good people and if you asked any of them lke I did, you would find out how proud they are of her. As for Wiki, who gives a shit? Shall we also insist that Cameron lying and screwing around on his wife be listed in his? No way. I’ve read articles where she referenced what she went through with Cameron as fuel to keep her going on a mountain. Anyone would think given your own demons Cameron you would show a little support because if she is successful in beating the Russian it will be a huge fucking accomplishment and in a way you would be part of that. As for the dickhead harping on about Adidas and SONY clearly she is sponsored, if any fault could be found in her climbing Cameron wouldn’t be scraping the bottom of the barrell because someone said on Wiki she stepped away from ‘public life’. Get used to people talking about her and daring not to reference the nonsense people move on, so should you guys. Come on Cameron, you’re not a monster, we all know in secret you are thinking “FUCK YEAH! GO GIRL!” even the harshest critic couldn’t resist giving a chick like her a mental high five for climbing huge fucking mountains wy more interesting than the pussy ass boxing Ridge fest dominating NZ media.

    • Guest

      Woweeeee um not all family members too thrilled with her porkies but hope that shes turned things around as for that Wiki page nope not cool cringe factor a 10 out of 10. Cant compare Jamie with Pearl either Jamie is a lovely girl who wouldnt scam anyone and climbing a mountain doesnt all of a sudden make you a saint!
      Marriages are tough and alot of people fail at that too but scamming people is not the same sorry.

      • Guest

        Not cool? Cringe factor? Follow the links it is all stuff that has been printed. People comment in print on how she looks so wiki references it. Get over yourselves. Lies are lies man and as far as I can see her climbing is 100% legit. Are you saying cheating with a bunny boiler on your wife is ok? Leave the Ridge girl out of it dragging her in is pathetic.

        • jsrret

          that wikipedia page is one of the worst examples of self promotion i have seen for a long time, the references on the page just link to other examples of this pathetic woman’s self promotion like a facebook page and her own website… almost every statement on the page should be removed for being unverified nonsense if the page is to comply with wikipedia’s own guidelines on biographies… and by the way, i can understand why anyone supportive of pearl wouldn’t want comparisons drawn between pearl and jaime ridge… it’s just not fair to compare a desperate old media whore like pearl with jaime is it… poor old pearl

    • Hi Pearl. Fuck off.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Cameron , the world is full of posers . How about something on the recent slashing of sniffer dog numbers from our front line Customs units at a time of record drug and precursor seizures . The gangsters in China will be reading that and gearing up for more and larger shipments asap.

    • jsrret

      the team at Adventure Consulting are obviously as thick as pig shit if they don’t realise what a sad fraud this wreck of a woman is, her ridiculous vanity page on wikipedia is all anyone needs to read to get an idea of who she really is… and from the comment here we get to see how jealous she is of the attention jaime ridge is getting… face it pearl, you’re way over the hill now, jaime ridge is hot and you have a face like the ass end of a malnourished cow…

  • Phronesis

    Almost as experienced a climber as Helen Clark. Can’t beat Helen as a fraudster though, she ripped off an entire country!

  • Gunga Din

    If this is the same Pearl as the one from Showgirls …. she knows all about mounting ….

    • Ronnie Chow

      And you don’t ? Everybody has sex . This is not a schoolboy forum , or . So why the comment?

  • Suitable amusement…

    What a woman ! Total class…
    Anyone considered doing a 419 scam bait on her? One suspects it would be easily achieved, and very amusing…

  • Ben

    Her website is just great. I absoultely love self indulgent pieces of rhetoric, pity she has the writing ability of a 14 year old. I tried to message her offering sponsorship but the email wouldn’t send? anyone got a legit contact for her?

    She claims at least one ‘fatest climb in the world’ record of the respective mountain on her wiki page, why has this not been acknowledged? can someone call Guiness World Records and let them know?

  • MrAuz1989

    I see a Pearl Going, Mountaineer of Northland and Neice of the Going brothers features in todays edition of Hawkes Bay Today promoting a local brand of sunscreen for use while mountaineering. Hmmmmmm.