Pinko’s Shocking Omission

Yesterday my good mate David Farrar forgot to mention the role Helen Kelly in the seventh Labour government. Sources inside Labour are adamant that Helen is going to play a role, and by being the long-term MP for Rongotai.

The problem for the sources inside Labour are that Helen Kelly has been a divisive union head who has been repeatedly caught out lying and has been in the thick of all the worst industrial disputes, usually pouring petrol on the fire, rather than settling things down. Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting Helen Kelly’s lies and her track record of failure.

Unionists may be the enemy but they still have a right to be in parliament. The people who don’t have a right to be in parliament are the people who lie repeatedly, and whose natural approach escalate confrontation rather than come to a reasonable agreement.


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  • Deep Blue

    Just reconfirms he’s lacking VRWC credentials. Against the wall.

  • Gazzaw

    No doubt about Kelly looking to clamber on to the longterm gravy train & travelling first class. She would be a minister by the second term & there for life in Rongotai unless she wants to do a term at the UN as well.

  • Grandstream

    WO, cant wait for this series of posts…….will no doubt uphold the nasty party tradition that is becoming the default position……can we make sure Paul Henry is back in the country by then as I am sure another “lady with a moustache” comment cant be far away re Skellen Helly

    • Try not to sound like you’re droolin’ when you type that Grandstream….lol

  • Blokeintakapuna

    A roll call of the many failures of by Kelly, the unions and hopefully also of Labour – excellent! Bring it on… but does NZ have that much broadband?

    • Might slow it up a mite but who cares – oh and Rongotai – look out !!

  • jabba

    the thought of my taxes paying for Kelly would leave me outraged .. there are enought useless MP’s there now (across all parties). The possiblity of Joris whats his face joining the Labour ranks also makes me feel sick

  • Galantisuk

    The days of NZ unions fighting for the workers are long gone. There primary role is to fight the National Party when in Government and to not rock the boat when their is a Labour government. The reward goes not to the workers but to the union leaders who are guaranteed list seats or safe seats for their efforts. Those efforts solely on behalf of the Labour party, not the workers they represent. The sooner National and union members wake up to this then the zoo er we will see the end on militant unions.

    • Greg M

       Spot on Galantisuk.

  • Daft. The Greens will win Rongotai. 

    • Auto_immune

      …or Paul Eagle will hold it for Labour.  Eagle is Labour’s best choice after King.  Can’t imagine who would want Helen Kelly there.

  • izzy

    Remember that she was the TEU president that pulled the rug out from under Paul Buchanan in his dispute with Auckland University. She told him to find another job and refused to allow the union to cover the fees involved in carrying his case to court. He was forced to settle for token compensation and lost his job even though the ERA found his dismissal to be unjustified. One has to wonder what he paid his dues for.

    • Engineer

       Is that the guy who got fired from Auckland University for trying to disprove man made globabl warming?

      • izzy

        No, this is the guy who told a failing Arab grad student who could not speak English and was asking for an extension for a late assignment that she was the worst performer in the seminar he was teaching. She and some Palestinian sympathisers leaked the email exchange to the press and he got the boot even though, as it turns out, he was correct in not believing her excuse that her father had died and she subsequently flunked out.

      • grumpy

        No, that was the sacked arsehole Schesinger from NIWA trying that on….

  • Johnbronkhorst

    My question….Will you finish her list of lies and confrontations, BEFORE the next election?

  • CommonSense404

    Well at least as an MP, you’d have visibility of her salary and whether she makes the 1%…. 

  • jay cee

    i think ms kelly would be good.certainly give collins bennett and co a run for their money. admit it, you guys don’t like her because she is both a union organiser and articulate something the right have always feared.  

  • Patrick

    Helen Kelly has been a divisive union head who has been repeatedly caught out lying and has been in the thick of all the worst industrial disputes, usually pouring petrol on the fire

    So she is a lying shitstirring union organiser – would of thought she ticks all the boxes to become a Labour MP. Trevor would you like to confirm?