Poll driven v principled politics

A competent opposition here would make the point that National has no principles, and is driven by polls. This is a simple message and a standard play and it appears that no one in the left has worked it out because it is hard to see any ideological underpinning to this National government.

Why doesn?t National have any clear principles that the voters can immediately see? Or does National have principles but not have a media team that can actually sell the principles to the public?

In the U.S. we have just seen a principled political, Scott Walker, win a recall by standing up for what he believes in. Rand Paul, the Junior Senator for Tennessee, makes some telling points about how voters like politicians with principles.

The unions and the Democrats in the legislature were so desperate to cling to old ways of doing things that when their intimidation tactics were failing, they simply left. Wisconsin Democratic legislators hid in roadside motels in other states, attempting to run out the clock on the legislative session. But Scott Walker stood his ground. That is the biggest lesson for reform politicians who find themselves opposite a well-funded special interest lobby. Stand your ground.

Voters from my state tell me just what Wisconsin’s said ? stand for something. My fellow Kentuckians knew I believed in reforming?Social Security ?and balancing the budget in a short period ? because I told them. I respected the voters and they respect being treated like adults.

Just for good measure he throws in this great quote from Reagan.

Ronald Reagan?once advised conservatives to raise “a banner of bold colors, no pale pastels, a banner instantly recognizable as standing for certain values which will not be compromised.”

Maybe National could take note and demonstrate it has some principles. Or start explaining to New Zealand what its hidden principles are and tell us all what they stand for.