Putting things in Perspective

Karl du Fresne

Karl du Fresne blogs about the Pullar fiasco in his normal curmudgeonly manner:

[I]t’s clear that a huge part of the problem, right from the outset, has been the determination of claimant Bronwyn Pullar and her advocate, former National Party president Michelle Boag, to exploit their political connections to advance Pullar’s case.

Some of those connections, notably Smith and ACC deputy chair John McCliskie, whom O’Sullivan says unwisely agreed to intervene on Pullar’s behalf, have exacerbated the affair by getting involved when they should have seen the danger signs – Pullar might as well have had a flashing red light surgically implanted in her skull – and stayed well clear. But their bad judgment shouldn’t be allowed to obscure the fact that Pullar and Boag have used their contacts, inside knowledge and media savvy to pull every string they can in order to extract a settlement on the most advantageous terms.

These women take no prisoners. Pullar clearly has a highly developed sense of entitlement and isn’t content to take her place in the ACC queue along with the hoi-polloi. She and Boag have used a repertoire of sophisticated tactics not available to run-of-the-mill ACC claimants, and while they have presumably operated entirely within the law, I don’t buy the spin that Pullar is the helpless victim that she has been made out to be. O’Sullivan’s piece helps put the whole malodorous affair in perspective.


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  • AnonWgtn

    It may also be that Boag, previously the doyen of the National Party, is no longer getting invitations to the knees ups, so she is really pissed off seeking limelight elsewhere.

  • captain Kidd

    Seriously Cam have you ever had any thing to do with ACC,they are next to useless and should be sold.If you are self employed the pricks will NEVER pay up,more so soon as they find out you have private insurance.During all your hassels with your insurance company you of all people should know that all is sometimes not clear cut.At first I thought Pullar was trying to rort ACC but after listening to her on 60 minutes I changed my mind.For my mind if ACC or any other insurance wants to take the risk they should pay up.

    • You shouldn’t believe everything a good actress puts up on television. I would love to see the medical records from the “accident”…something that has never been presented…I have however spoken to and know several people who were with Bronwyn that night, and the next day and the following night when she went out on the lash again.

  • rocky

    It may also be that Pullar/Boag found themselves front on to an ACC Board stacked by Helen Clark in her Electoral death throes. Many of them are now coming to the end of their terms(5yrs) and the name ‘Rob Campbell’ seems to ring a bell.

  • BJ

    A question might be – if Ms Pullar did not have a personal issue with ACC would she have gone to the trouble to have had a meeting set up with management to ‘negotiate’ the return of the files?  

    Only she will know her primary motive for that meeting  but there’s no escaping the obvious fact that she had retained some cards to play (files) to get something she wanted personally. In my opinion she has done us no favours in ‘exposing’ incidents that could have been worked on ‘in house’ because we didn’t need to know.

    When you open up a can of worms –  you get them wriggling and writhing in all  different directions and that is exactly what we’ve got.

  • Acting Up

    This whole episode doesn’t seem to reflect to well on too many of the participants.

    One big irony is the departure of the CEO, Ralph Stewart, after less than one year in the job. Ralph was getting to be very popular with ACC staff in the few months he was there, and seemed to be making early efforts to turn ACC culture around into something more client-focussed, caring  and sensible.

    Most staff appear sad to see him go. Seems that the wrong person was given the push.

    As for the board members who have relocated to other sinecures – no such good impression. And no loss.