Queen Hekia’s staffing issues

Dominion Post

According to the Dompost right when Queen Hekia is neck deep in the merde she has lost four staff.

This week a new team of staff started work in Ms Parata’s office. Three private secretaries have all left for new jobs and her ministerial adviser has gone to work for Prime Minister John Key.
However, Ms Parata’s office rejected suggestions the departures were connected to the class sizes row.

Word is that it is not because of her failure to do what Anne Tolley managed for three years, and not make any silly mistakes in the education portfolio. As highlighted when the beltway sycophants were crowning the new Queen, Hekia and staff have an unfortunate habit of parting company.

  • After losing five parliamentary Executive Assistants in the first two years in parliament, do they think Hekia will front the next CTU anti 90 day advertisement?
  • Are they aware that if you lose four EAs in around a year Parliamentary Services remove your right to recruit your own office staff?
  • Do they know why the Maori Affairs select committee had a change of personnel? And was it because Hekia was publicly yelling at Tau Henare, who was actually in the same party as her, for those press gallery reporters who were in some doubt?
  • Have they scrutinised her employment record in her career before she entered parliament?
  • Are they confident she would be able to run a ministerial office, and work with departmental chief executives and staff, or would they need a special golden handshake fund for her department?

Did anyone do due diligence on Hekia’s HR record before promoting her? Or did her liberal elite bona fides ensure she was whisked to the top as quickly as humanly possible?

Whatever the case the mutterings from the beltway about Hekia being a National Party leader can be safely silenced as her attitude towards staff is the same as her attitude towards caucus members who will vote for her, making her about as popular as Simon Power…or herpes.


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  • Le Sphincter

    She was known at high school and university as ‘Tricia’- I wonder if she knew ‘Barry ‘ as well.

    But of course the real reason for her rapid promotion was because she has a ‘birth canal’ and a non anglo- saxon name (after a bit of juggling)
    Her parents should have called her Madeleine

  • Apolonia

    Hekia was a vocal supporter of the anti-smacking law, so therefore by definition has rocks in her head.

  • Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out, Hekia.

  • Kthxbai

    Major screwup with failure to clearly and consistently explain the intended education reforms.  Now they’ve been ditched all she has achieved is to damage her own and National’s credibility.

    I doubt she can come back from this, not least because she will have lost the respect of the public service.

  • thor42

    She is completely out of her depth.
    They should have given “Crusher Collins” the education portfolio. She would have crushed the teacher unions like a logging-truck going over a cockroach.

  • Marcus50

    thor Collins is no better.  If they really wanted reform it had to go to Ryall or Joyce.  

  • insider

    Of course one of her new recruits is her good friend the failed ‘chief executive’ of the correspondence school, who was seconded on 24 hours notice. He received an 89% vote of no confidence in his leadership from staff after completely botching a multi million dollar computer upgrade. This person eill be in charge of charter school implementation. So it looks like failure surrounding failure, which can’t be good for national.

    Interestingly a ministry review of the school is sitting on parata’s desk waiting for sign off – so no conflict of interest there…