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Campbell Live

John Key to John Campbell last night

“With the greatest of respect to your financial literacy, you are proving you don’t actually have any.”


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  • Troy

    Priceless!  Campbell is way over-rated and has been for sometime, his facade of self-confidence is embarrassing to political journalism.

    • Ford

      thats why he has his own current affairs show and you dont

      • Johnbronkhorst

        yes…due to the stupidity of his bosses!!!

      • Troy

        Well that’s even more fucked up logic.  Your assumption i’d ever drop to the low levels of being a political journalist is simply disingenuous you fuck.

      • Ford

        troy..now i know you never made it to jouralism..useless cunt

  • MrAuz1989

    Palm flat….. wrist straight….. thats how you execute a bitch slap.

  • Ford

    john key is a cock..should answer the questions instead of wanking on about shit irrelevant to the question

    • In Vino Veritas

      Firstly Ford, Campbell didnt hear Key out. And far from being inquisitive and putting incisive questions to Key, Campbell was being tabloid and trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Therefore Key slapped him, and rightly so.

      • Never in the Dark

         ” trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator” must mean Ford and his ilk.

      • Neil

        It’s a tabloid programme so I don’t see the problem – plus Key is always pre-briefed on what and how questions are going to be put – else he won’t front – so he knew beforehand what was coming – he should have just bloody answered the question….

      • In Vino Veritas

        Neil, he did answer the question. What I saw was a current affairs frontman thinking he could be clever and make Key squirm. As Key said, the whole process has been underscored by bumper sticker sloganeering, and Campbell appeared to be trying to continue this trait.

        Unfortunately Campbell met someone more clever than he and who was not short of a destructive retort. 

      • Ford

        key still avoided answering his question..typical politician..beat around the bush aviding questions he cant or wont answer

      • Ford

        vino..avoiding questions dosent make you smart..makes you look like a manipulating lying cunt

      • In Vino Veritas

        Ford. You really are simple arent you? You were clearly watching a different interview since Key did, in fact, answer the question. Resorting to calling him names just shows how inept and empty you are intellectually.

    • Mike Hunt

      Haven’t you got a fucking job yet?

      Stop pissing about on the internet!

      • Neil

        Gee that was lame….

      • Ford

        ill do as i please fuckstain

    • Mr_Blobby

      Ford you don’t have time to sit about watching TV you should be out looking for gainful employment.

    • Troy

      Fix Or Repair Daily – go see a psychiatrist – brain needs fixing.

      • Ford

        is that all you got?..your about as childish as those politicians you care so much about

  • Sooty

    What is the bet Campbell will have some snid remark tonight! He will have been prepped by the socialist all day.

  • Tigger NZ

    Classic example of winning the battle and losing the war.

  • Phar Lap

    To save Campbell embarrassment and also Ford as well.John Key  kept quiet about Air New Zealand owning 19% of the shares in Virgin Australia.Maybe Campbell is even more financially illiterate than any of us ever dreamed,surely Campbell should have known that, or even most of the anti share sale brigade.Of course when ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise.

    • Ford

      no embarrasment here and im not the fool selling NZ’s assets

      • Phar Lap

         Of course seems you would be quite happy to borrow a few more billion dollars to  pay for much needed infrastructure security.  . Seems the word fool is easily to bandy around,when naysayers suffer from ignorance,or stupidity..Probably both.

      • Wayne

        If you can’t grasp the benefits of the MOM outlined by the Prime Minister on Campbell – then you are as dumb as your stupid comment. 

      • Johnbronkhorst

        Of course you’re not embarrassed…as a real fool has no perception as to what they should be embarrassed about….you idiot!

      • Mr_Blobby

        And we are glad and grateful that you are not the Fool selling NZ’s assets. Especially as you are having trouble selling yourself.
        It would be better if no other fool sold our assets either.

      • Ford

        phar lap..how many millions do you think the govt is currently borrowing..go on..take a guess..do you honestly think selling assets is going to stop that..fool

  • Anonymousinauckland

    Campbell started off as a share trader after uni… There’s a good chance he’s got a lot more financial literacy than the people posting here…

    • frosty

      Or not.  

    • In Vino Veritas

      Being a share trader for a few years has no bearing on financial literacy Anon. You don’t have to know much to execute orders.

      • Neil

        So being a money trader does?????

      • In Vino Veritas

        Neil, are you just acting stupid? The few years Campbell spent as a share trader would almost certainly have been at the most junior level, executing orders. I seem to recall he presented reports on the radio at one time as well. On the other hand, Key ended up being Global Head of FX for Merrill and a member of the FX committee of the NY Federal Reserve Bank. The divergence between the two in financial expertise couldn’t possibly be wider. His comments on Campbells lack of financial expertise stand as fact.

    • grumpy

      The way Campbell backed off quickly shows there may be a large gap between what he is told to say and what he actually knows.  I thought he finished up agreeing with Key.

    • Wayne

      Really, because it did not show last night – borrowing off shore to fund $7bn worth of new infastructure development, as opposed to selling down a minor share holding in current State owned assets to fund these programmes – appears more pallatable to Mr Campbell. Only problem with that is the interest per annum at around $700m to $1bn.

      Economic nouse on Mr Campbell’s part – don’t think so some how.

  • Richard McGrath

    This from the Prime Minister who pushed up the minimum wage. Pot… kettle… black.

  • DavidW

    Two factors that seem to escape those who can’t think things through sufficiently are:
    1.   There is a huge amount of cash sitting around on Term Deposit in NZ and yet we have to incur an exchange risk by borrowing offshore.  I’ve heard numbers in the region of $50 billion.  Mobilising some of that cash for funding infrastructure spending sure as hell beats it drifting towards the property market which could very easily overheat again with the low interest rates we currently have.

    2.  Our interest payments on the total amount of Government borrowing depend almost entirely on the ratings agencies.  We must by now be getting close to the point where the agencies will be forced to lower the sovereign rating for NZ purely on the grounds of the proportion of borrowing to GDP.  So the choice is not to liquidate some of the equity in these SOEs OR borrow, but more it is liquidate some capital or do not spend.

    There is a third factor in the background and that is the availability of funds available on teh international market which  NZ can tap in to.  The PIGS in Eusrope seem intent on soaking up much of the available international liquidity and so, seeking alternative sources of capital is a necessary strategy for our financial survival.

    Campbell is  either a financial ignoramus and just an empty talking head, or he is being deliberately misleading for the sake of some ratings.  Either way, the country’s financial stability and future are too important to be fucked around with as Labour, the Greens, Winston First, the Maori Party, and the media seem intent on doing.

    • Neil

      Answer to your No1 comment – it’s called risk aversion….some of us have been burned too many times to trust any in the investment advice arena….

      As an aside Private Banks in at least Spain are the problem for their economy

      • DavidW

        And the cost of averting risk and putting your cash “under the mattress” is quite high.  
        If there was a lesson from the finance company collapses it is that there is a risk element to all investments and the best defence is to have a diversified portfolio.  

        These shares on the market will offer a level of diversity that we currently don’t have.  You either need to be very wealthy or have the financial acumen of John Campbell to sit for a long time on a pile of cash.  

        Which is it for you?

      • In Vino Veritas

        Neil, interestingly enough, many of the private banks are in trouble because of soveriegn lending. Virtually risk free government lending becomes junk. Hows that for irony?

        On risk aversion, buying government bonds is a whole lot less risky than leaving your money in a bank term deposit account. That’s why interet rates on Govt bonds are historically lower than bank.

        On being burned, I’d respectfully suggest that this has something to do with the investment choices you’ve made andor, your return horizon.

  • kevin

    campbell is a rude interviewer, asks the question then rabbits on while the interviewee looks on with amusement… waiting for campbell to breathe so he can reply.

    • Neil

      Difference between interview and debate is…….??

      • Jonno

        One would suggest debate is an exchange of veiws balanced or not. Cambell is just a mouth piece for poorly informed opinions that are probably not his own. It’s  never an interview with him just an oportunity to extract a rating at the cost of his own credability

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Just for this one comment, John Key and National will get my vote as long as they want it…

  • Guest

    Key v Campbell looks to be replicated by DavidW v Neil – one who knows what he’s talking about and one full of soundbites!
    They are reduced to these silly soundbites because in capping the sale at 49%, sweetening for local investors and an upcoming campaign to paint the full picture to voters, I think JK will turn the tide on this – maybe not fully, but at least back to a 50-50 argument – he doesnt need to convince those who dont vote for him anyway, only those in the centre who in general are prepared to listen to reason.
    I certainly back JK to sell the case for better than that moron woman from Chch selling the case against!!!!

  • maninblack

    just watched it. john key just makes campbell look stupid.. he really does. I was pro asset sales anyway, but after watching that i am now super pro! go john!

  • Silver Fox

    This is the second time Campbell has come a gutser trying to outsmart John Key. Time he gave up

    • TravisPoulson

      Heh, it’s been more than twice!

  • Phar Lap

    @Ford i see you took an awful beating on the subject of share selling for infrastructure security in NZ.All blog replies  to your incredible blind freddie logic.You must have spent all day trying to think of a sensible reply.Sadly your dog in the manger attitude to sensible share selling for the benefit of NZ,will never get into your thick psyche.Guess you had better stay in bed 24 hours a day ,there is no hope for you in your stupidity.