Russel Norman is a cunning bastard, and politician of the week

Russel Norman is a greenie, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be admired for his ability to discipline a bunch of fruit loops into a credible political party.

In terms of New Zealand politicians, Russel is about as smart as they get. Ignoring the fact National ran on an election platform of selling assets he has set up a referendum about asset sales.

This works on so many levels. It takes his looney activists with silly first names out of play, keeping them busy getting signatures rather than vandalising National hoardings and committing other senseless, bad news story attacks. It means that instead of just impotently opposing the National majority over asset sales he gets to talk about it in terms of the public not wanting asset sales for much longer, and has a referendum proving it.

What is most impressive is not these relatively minor wins for Russel. It is he has watched politics work in the United States, and how referenda frame elections. He will be dictating the terms of the political debate, turning out voters and putting his opponents on the defence, stopping them from going on the offense.

I respect low rat cunning, and Russel Norman may be on the other side of the political spectrum but his low rat cunning shames Labour and National’s much vaunted strategists.


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  • jabba

    I wonder what Rod Donald would think about the new direction Norman is taking

  • BJ

    So what’s to be done with him and his enviable skills? He’s just on the wrong team

  • Vlad

    National should think very seriously about this.  Where are their sophisticated strategists?   People like Murray McCully had their time but are past use-by.  The party president & organisation should be up with 21st century techniques but patently are not.  There is nothing wrong with using quality research and messaging to get a story across & to get a result for a good cause.  Norman’s technique is to be admired.   What a contrast with ACT, who could be a much better contributor to all our prosperity but seem to have no sense of how modern politics operates. 

  • Sean Fitzpatrick

    One ‘L’ and others like him who say anything to get elected are the type that team are quite welcome to.

  • Lloyd

    Ozzie Norman can say what the hell he likes, knowing he will never be in power. They left the Alliance, said “No” to Labour 3 times, have said “No” to National twice and seem destined to stay on the loony sidelines.
    Bloody easy to advocate policy knowing it will never get implimented!
    Look at the opprobrium Bennetts earned for comments which were almost exactly echoed by Turei on TVNZ breakfast. Bennetts is demonised; Turei ignored. Why? Turei will never, ever, have to act on what she says…
    Greens and Drivel are synonyms!

    • Patrick Drysdale
    • Grandstream

      There must be a level of concern with the greens appearing to be rational and practical eg the mining debate. The media allow the greens to get away with anything. Normans view on mining that is ok if there isnt being mined already such as GOLD.  So under Green policy mining woudl only happen fro minerals that dont already get mined anywhere. As for Turei, she is straigh out of the labour party/Helen Clark school of nasty ! I cant belive her election camapoiugh antics have been forgotten, maybe when the scandal breaks on the greens signature collectors, it might be worth digging back into the cess piut of lies Turei and Norman spouted at that time……cant wait !

      • Positan

        Imagine, IF the Greens ever did get elected, the damage and cost to the country would be huge – BUT that would effectively be the end of them as any sort of political force because they’re essentially a party of opposition with no credible policy and no capability to provide competent government.

        The price to pay would be huge – but, if we must pay it, we must.

    • Troy

      At least Norman isn’t like a loopy protester who embarrasses NZ in front of the whole world when the Chinese visit Wellilngton by causing a ruckus and behaves like a goat – oh, hang on, that was Norman!  Yup a smart goat’s cock.  I don’t trust him.

      • St_Hubbins

        “…give me my flag back….”

  • tarkwin

    I don’t believe the emperor has any clothes, he is too smug his arrogance will catch him out.

    • Jester

      Agree, smarmy little aussie fuck.

  • Jackhenderson00

    norman and turei put the greens on the map. he wears a tie and she wears makeup. greens spent 10 mill doing this trying to build an image of stability and credibility. they got a good party vote in 2011. however, winston scratched his balls and got a a shitload of movement too for free.

  • farmboy

    they hate us farmers down here in the king country and we fuckn hate them,organic farming what a joke if u want to half our exports and have nz covered in gorse and thistles,be as bad as giving it back to the maoris

  • johnopkb

    It’h my flaaaaaaaaaaag

  • Phar Lap

    Norman the person who has had his vocal chords turned down into an almost effeminate sound.Yet we hear the other little squat fat woman with a mans face Turei talk like him.He waxes on about democracy,yet his bunch of sickos supported Lie-bour with the stroke of a pen, on the Privy Council demise.Where was the select committee hearings on that huge judgement call, that has affected the legal system in NZ forever.There was no buts,no maybes,with that decision.Yet girly Norman has the gall to attack a Government which was given a mandate to govern.His DNA reeks of commie jack boot tactics ,given the chance.

  • Mickrodge

    Sorry…all I hear is  “give me bwack my fwag”

  • Motorizer

    yeah, going to all that trouble to get momentum about “asset sales” and cashing in on the general public’s naivety.

    No assets are up for sale Russell. But we think you know that. How about some policy?  You and your party have nothing but dirt.

  • Mediaan

    Haven’t noticed them putting forward their strategy that would match National’s strong, prudent budget 2012. Or any of the parts of it. Where is it?

    They talk about creating hundreds of jobs by switching to green industries. Breathtakingly naive, and no costings.

    Yes, green industries are great, but who exactly are you selling what to, at what world-competitive price? And what wage are you paying your workers in that factory? Have you factored in freight costs? (etc)

    Russell and MetirialGirl should stick to lying, which they appear to be very forward in