Simon Sledges Shearer

Simon Bridges asks the perfectly sensible question – who qualifies for Shearer’s confused new pension at 60 plan?

Great sledging, Shane Jones is a manual worker when watching videos, Trevor Mallard runs from manual workers…very good work by Simon.

Bridges left out all members of the EPMU, Rail and Maritime Union, Service and Foodworkers Union, Dairy Union, Meatworkers… you get the picture


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  • johnopkb


  • TravisPoulson

    Simon Bridges —> Shearer’s arse —> plate —–> Shearer. 

    Another serving. (and like Chicken Little’s serving, no fries)

  • Paddles83

    Well done Simon and ditto for  Hekia Parata, she has got some big kahunas

  • Kiwidon

    Brilliant Simon!

  • Info

    Wow…. I cannot believe how people like you, Cameron Slater, who claim to be well educated,  think Simon’s comment is anything but petty and childish.
    You’ve completely glazed over any real issue here, demonstrating (again) the utter lack of compassion you have for those who haven’t been afforded the same privileges that you have in life. It’s not a level playing field. There isn’t equal access to education for all, there are huge pay disparities, and that means that policy may need to change to give some, less fortunate people a helping hand. But you must know this, and yet you still choose to laud clips like this as trophies, and share a snide laugh at something on the periphery of the real concern in your ‘hard hitting’ blog.
    Humanity. Try is some time. The rest of us do.

    • TravisPoulson

      Oh get off your soap box Info. There IS equal access to education, but it can’t be expected to be given to those who don’t want/too lazy to work for it.

      The “helping hand” is what is draining this country. People with brains are leaving the country, and we are left with ever increasing numbers of people too lazy to work or advance themselves, instead popping out 2,3,4,5 or more kids that they can’t afford to feed. 

      • Info

        TravisPoulson… you seem fun. Let’s get together and talk in person. … after your Kan meeting, maybe?

      • TravisPoulson

        That’s ok Info, you’re perfectly entitled to respond with a hollow diversionary comment.

        Ah screw it, you’re right, lets set up more welfare….sorry….”helping hands” and drive the country under even further. 


      • Info

        So… that’s a no to being free after you burn a few crosses on people’s lawns? 
        -sigh- OK.

        And interesting how you describe my tactics as ‘hollow and diversionary” when you defended BlokeInTakapuna’s comment ‘That time of the month” which even you must admit was about as legitimate as me asking him what it’s like to have such a small cock.
        I started off posting a comment in a genuine attempt to start a discussion, but you guys aren’t interested in engaging, you’re only interesting in bitching at people who say something different. Well done on repurposing the words “helping hand” with quotes by the way. It’s so “clever”.

      • TravisPoulson

        I engaged, and you responded with a useless comment that made no contribution to the debate, so go back to sleep. 

        “So… that’s a no to being free after you burn a few crosses on people’s lawns? 
        -sigh- OK.”
        That comment alone says you want to play the race card, and it’s not about that at all. 

        You need to learn to follow the context in which responses to comments are made, as my “hollow and diversionary” comment was nothing to do with blokeintakapuna’s comment. It was in response to how you responded to me earlier. 

        More than happy to engage when you learn to navigate the page properly.

      • Info

        Travis, I know “hollow and diversionary” was in response to my comment, not BlokeiInTakapuna. If you re-read my comment you’ll realize I was drawing a parallel between to two to highlight your hypocrisy. 
        But you don’t really need to re-read it do you? You’re obviously not dumb. I think you knew what I meant, but focusing on me ‘not navigating the site properly’ is a far easier way to respond.
        Me mentioning the Klan was because your initial comment where you implied there were scores of people who are too lazy to work and pop out multiple children smacks of the Klan manifesto, which isn’t solely about race, but about supremacy. And let’s be honest, it was kinda funny. ;o)
        You and I obviously have different values, both of us are passionate about them and neither of us are about to change, so I’m going to go on with my day and wish you all the best with your arguments with other people.

      • TravisPoulson

        So it suits you better to bury your head in the sand. I’m not “implying”
         there are thousands of people too lazy to work and popping out multiple kids, I’m just simply stating a fact. To compare that to the Klan manifesto is just silly. 

        I’m not saying all those on some kind of benefit are lazy/breeding out of control, but there’s definitely a significant portion that know how to ‘work the system’ to their own advantage, I’ve seen it with my own eyes and it’s much more widespread than politicians want to admit.  

    • Blokeintakapuna

      That time of the month?

      • Karma’s Little Helper

        What’s it like being inbred Blokeintakapuna? Must be nice having such a close relationship with your Mum, what with you and your Dad both having done her and all.

      • TravisPoulson

        well done KLH, you’ve come here to show how juvenile you are.

        Inbred insults, what next, ‘your mum’ insults? sheesh, grow the fuck up man!

      • Karma’s Little Helper

        I think you’ll find the first childish, personal insult came from our friend in Takapuna. I just took it a step further. Anyway, I’m off now. Enjoy your day guys. And keep fighting the good fight against those poor people! We’ll show them!

      • TravisPoulson

        It wasn’t an insult, it was a legitimate question. So, IS it that time of the month? You also need to cover your tracks better, an alias doesn’t quite hide who you are. 

      • Info

        Funny that when I post a rationale, compassionate comment you resort to snide remarks about hormones.
        Perhaps that’s why KLH commented about your mum… interesting that you would immediately go that that place.

      • Info

        Travis, maybe people don;t need to ‘cover their tracks’ when they have something worthwhile to say?

        And you know full well it wasn’t a ‘legitimate a question’ from BlokeInTakapuna (well done on the rich, white neighborhood by the way…) it’d was his way of undermining everything I said, without responding to it with any kind of intellect. 

      • TravisPoulson

        Karma’s Little Helper didn’t have “something worthwhile to say”. 
        Unless you have set yourself a low standard. 

      • Blokeintakapuna

        haha – one little wind-up comment can go a long way on a cold Friday morning…

    • guest

      Being envious of people who have more than you is no good you’ve just got to try harder and stop the woe is me crap.
       Policy needs to change so that there is a level playing field for all, not just special privileges because you are a refugee, a maori etc, solo mother etcI am surprised that you feel Simon’s comments are on the nose considering the shit that gets flung Nationals way on a daily basis by your favourite left wing MPs or does this not count in your narrow little world?Take the abuse at Hekia Parata recently??? is that not petty and childish by left wing teachers and MPs, sad to see they’ve roped in children to advance their cause.
      Huge pay disparities? so you would like a Doctor or Surgeon to receive the same amount of take home pay as a Solo Mother churning out babies?
      Look forward to your reply.

    • Mediaan

      And the evidence, that the people who need giveaways are the same ones who get it? 

      That is not what happens, in my experience, Miz Info.

    • Troy

      Life ain’t fair, if you haven’t worked that out yet, you never will. 

    • Pukakidon

       Must be a full moon tonight.   Let loose the loonies.  Info your a twat!

  • Karma’s Little Helper

    You right-wing arseholes make me laugh. What sad, petty little lives you must lead. You’re all so incredibly self-serving… Well, Karma’s a bitch guys… and she’s got your numbers. :)

    • TCrwdb

      Feel better now KLH?

      • Karma’s Little Helper

        Much. Thanks for asking. :)

    • Agent BallSack


    • Pathetic try hard web site designers make me laugh….Karma is a bitch and I’ve got your details.

      • TravisPoulson

        why don’t people use their brains and cover their tracks when being fuckwits, I’ve never understood this. 

      • Info

        Resorting to threats? Really? Don’t have a blog if you can’t handle people challenging you.

    • TravisPoulson

      Is that you Shane? or Trevor? or Chicken Little? 

      You left wing arseholes make me laugh too:

       “What sad, petty little lives you must lead” 

      but that was preceded by the previous comment:

       “What’s it like being inbred Blokeintakapuna? Must be nice having such a close relationship with your Mum, what with you and your Dad both having done her and all.”

      Visits from pinko trolls is always welcome, more entertainment for us. 

      • Gazzaw

        Shows a lot of class Travis whoever he/she/it is.

    • Richard B.

      Battle stations, the trolls are revolting….. (pun intended)

  • Le Sphincter

    That boy will go far in Le Nationale.

    Intellect ? non. Oratory ?  Pas du tout

    Comme des garcons ?  you bet!

  • Greg M

    Info, and KLH, here’s a heads up.
    95% of “poor people” or the PC version “our most vulnerable” are there because of their poor choices, not mine.
    I am not bieng selfish, not wanting to share my toys, but I have gone without for years to get comfortable, why should I continue to pay for losers whose biggest decision for the week will be  do I buy a box of woody’s or codys on benefit day.
    I am over it and it is way past time this lot started taking the responsibility for THEIR decisions.