Sledge of the Day – PM nails Mallard


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  • johnbronkhorst

    DUCK season????

  • TravisPoulson

    The look on Mallards face at the very end is priceless, the look of “fuck, he reamed me with that one”.

  • grandstream

    Still sounds odd for the speaker to use the title “honourable” when referring to Mallard…..surely demeans the value of the title

  • Scanner

    Why every time I see this insignificant little turd, am I filled with the urge to punch the little shite in the gob, Labour FFS do yourself a serious favour, get rid of Mallard he’s probably the biggest liability on your bench.

    • TravisPoulson

      He may be the biggest, but there’s plenty nipping at his heels to be just as bad.

      • Troy

        Yup Little is coming closer and closer to Mallard as a smelly sticky turd – indeed he may well take the lead in that respect in the future. In any case, Mallard just a goober – knowing how to ask questions requires at least half a brain – so what does that make Mallard?

    • Allyson

      There are turds floating down the Waikato with a greater level of humanity than Mallard

  • Boss Hogg

    The silence is deafening from the usual trolls…………Hello? Or have you all now realised what a complete pillock Mallard is?

  • Murray

    On all sides, they are just a pack of children scrapping in the playground

  • Guest

    That is what WO is calling a sledging these days???? Goodness does not take much to make the right wet their pants these days. And considering the PM admitted he has advised his backbench they chould lose their seats and National be in opposition for 9 years, the right have nothing to crow about.
    Just another screw up by Key.

  • toby_toby

    Mallard. At the peak of his political career… and the depths of his popularity.