So he is a real estate agent?

The other day a Young Nat sent me an email, all conspiratorial, suggesting that Martyn Bradbury was quitting politics to become a real estate agent.

He wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box and I pointed out that Scott Yorke was just sledging Martyn Bradbury for being a cocksmoker….and that it had started a blog war that was funny, at the very least, to watch unfold.

Scott Yorke of course won the war comprehensively with his publishing of a Deed of Settlement that Martyn Bradbury spectacularly failed to understand.

Now however, some wag has put up a new website that suggests that Martyn Bradbury is indeed going into real estate.

Now, at this point I have to declare that it is not me…just like Scott Yorke and Keeping Stock. This is going to be a little like name suppression for All Blacks…everyone is going to wonder who it is and so I am declaring that it wasn’t me so no suspicion falls on me.

Nonetheless it is bloody funny and so all right thinking bloggers should link to the site on Martyn Bradbury‘s name…it really should be number one in Google. I will at least take responsibility for that.


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  • Guest

    Epic website is epic!

  • Liberty

    A Marxist changing his spots and going up market.

    Last week it was Parasite  drive.

    This week it’s my friends in Paritai drive.

  • TCrwdb

    ha ha, gold, he will not see the funny side, which of course makes it even funnier!!

  • Agent BallSack

    The About Me is a word for word cut and paste of Scott Yorkes piece, the finger swings in his direction.

  • Why does the germ get air time, that right, he’s good to laugh at

  • johnopkb

    Christ, can you imagine being hemmed in in the rumpus room and subjected to a 50 minute squeaking rant from the hysterical little wanker?

  • parorchestia

    Great web site. ” In the top 100%” – very funny.

  • Remy13b

    Whats the back story on this? (excuse my ignorance).  I know hes a ranting dick but is he buying up heaps of property while saying its detroying our country?

  • To paraphrase the immortal advertisement of the 1970’s:

    Would you buy a used house from this man?

  • axeman

    I think of Martyn ‘Bumber’ Bradbury, I can’t see a realtor. Rather I think of a fat, horribly tattoed man with a crap beard in his
    mother’s attic, banging away incoherent slobberings on the newly updated MacBook Pro while
    recording more crap programmes no one watches to continue the delusion that
    he’s a media don.